Edward Elric Cosplay Costume Guide

Edward Scissorhands Horror Female Cosplay Costume

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Edward Elric Cosplay Costume Guide

Full Metal Alchemist is the best anime of all time. A lot of people agree with me on that. Edward Elric is one of the reasons. The character development, the storyline, perfection. The protagonist, Edward is a favorite to a lot of people. This makes Edward Elric cosplay costume a treat for everyone.

Edward Elric Costume:

Edward Scissorhands Horror Female Cosplay Costume

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From the beginning Edward Elric was a peculiar character. His reactions when he heard of him being short and stuff. Those were priceless for sure.

But we all agree that his outfit was one of a kind. The Edward Elric cosplay outfit surely brings nostalgia back. It’s got everything an alchemist needs.


Here we have the Edward Elric Costume from the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime. It’s got everything you need to qualify for the position. The position of a state alchemist that everyone wants. But it doesn’t come that easy. You have to earn it yourself. So better buckle up and learn all that Alchemy. The Edward Elric cosplay costume has a lot to it. I mean a lot more than what meets the eye. The anime cosplay outfit comes along with:

  • The black shirt underneath. It also has a black upper to it with those white stripes. This brings the chiaroscuro style back. Plus the colors go well with each other.
  • The belt that’s of a similar color. It makes you wrapped up in that Edward Elric cloak. It makes it impossible for you to leave the world of Alchemy.
  • The red upper that’s a signature when it comes to the character. It’s got all the details from the show. This makes it a lot closer to the real one. Moreover it’s got that style about it.
  • The gloves that are a must when it comes to performing Alchemy. All these things surely make the cosplay costume complete.


  • The exact cosplay outfit from the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime.
  • The colors go well with each other.


  • The belt might be tight and make you lose the character.


If you’re a Full Metal Alchemist fan, this is for you. We all know how hyped Full Metal Alchemist was. It’s considered the best anime of all time. I hold a similar opinion when it comes to that.

Edward Elric is surely one of the best protagonists out there. He has everything and has seen his share of things. This surely makes him a good pick.

The Edward Elric costume is a must-have for the fans. Whether it’s a convention or an expo, it’s got you. It has everything you need in one place.

It’s a great way to surprise those Full Metal Alchemist fans. They would never have seen this coming. The anime is old at this point. But it’ll never be forgotten. It’s one of the most beautiful anime ever made.

Edward Elric Shoes:

What better way to seal the deal than with the shoes. Shoes make a huge part of any outfit. The cosplay suit is the same. The shoes take it to the next level.

The shoes have got that stylish look to them. They’re crisp while reminiscent of the anime at the same time. This makes them one of a kind.

Edward Elric Personality:

As a kid, his mother is all he has. But the world is cruel and takes away his mother from him. He has no choice but to resort to a taboo in order to change fate. But in the process he loses his brother, his only family left as well. He shares a deep bond for his family. Plus he cares for the weak and wants to save everyone.

He’s kind-hearted while surely insecure of his short height. But it’s his fault for not drinking enough milk. So he must laugh along with the jokes.

Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Be sure to try out the Edward Elric cosplay outfit beforehand. This will give you a feel for the cosplay suit. Plus the shoes are a must to try out. They will give you a feel of how to walk around.

This will prevent things from going south. That way you’ll pull off the best cosplay costume. Be sure to pose as some signatures from the show. The pictures would come out great then. Moreover, be sure to look out for the weather. Don’t melt while pulling off the Edward Elric cosplay suit.

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