Elvira Costume Guide

Women's Elvira Plus Size Costume


If you are looking for a campy costume this season that is equal parts sexy and haunting, you can’t go wrong with the Mistress of the Dark. In this guide, I will show you how to put together your very own DIY Elvira costume to stun the convention floor or Halloween party.

Elvira is one of the most recognizable figures of the Halloween season on television. This 80s Halloween icon appears in all sorts of media since her debut.

Her scintillating look is instantly recognizable thanks to her exaggerated black hair and a sleek black dress with a plunging neckline that shows off her curvaceous figure.

To achieve this look follow the instructions below:

Elvira Costume Guide

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How to Dress Like Elvira


1. Elvira has very long and voluminous blackhair. To achieve Elvira’s look, you must tousle the hair to create volume.

2. Then without pressing the hair, proceed to comb it to create a kind of mountain. This is done to create volume without wearing a wig.

3. With a curling iron, make waves at the ends of the hair.

4. Fix all the hair with hairspray so that everything stays in place.

5. If you don’t have long hair, you can use hair extensions.

6. You can also use a long black wig and a black toupee on top to recreate Elvira’s appearance.


1. Elvira has very pallid skin, so use one or two shades less base shade than your ideal base.

2. Seal the base with translucent powder.

3. Use shades of lilac and purple. Apply the lilac tone first to the eyelid. Around the eyes, apply the purple tone mixed with a little bit of black to deepen the look.

4. Next, outline your eyes with black eyeliner.

5. Apply pink blush to your cheeks.

6. Paint your lips with a deep red lipstick.


Look for a long black dress. Using scissors, make the incision in the skirt to show one leg. If the dress does not have a plunging neckline, you must recreate this as it is one of the main characteristics of Elvira’s signature look.


Complete Elvira’s looks with black high-heeled shoes.