Fallout Vault Dweller Costume Guide

Fallout 3 New Vegas Van Buren Numbered Vault 101 Cosplay Costume

Fallout’s Vault Dweller / Sole Survivor: DIY Cosplay

In the post-apocalyptic adventure game series ‘Fallout’, Vault Dwellers are people inhabiting the Vault-Tec vaults. Throughout the series they are responsible for helping to develop Shady Sands into the New California Republic, stopping the Master and his mutant army and even founding the village of Arroyo! Swift, skilled and important, Vault Dweller is a sort of everyman whose abilities allow players to participate in a great adventure.

If you’re a hardcore gamer by heart or you love Fallout, now’s your chance to express it with a Vault Dweller costume of your own!

Vault Dweller & Sole Survivor Costume Ideas

Fallout 3 Vault 111 PC Game Suit Cosplay Costume

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