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Fix-It Felix, Jr. Costume Guide

Fix-It Felix Jr Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Fix-It Felix Costume: DIY Guide

In Disney’s beloved animated film ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ (and its upcoming 2018 sequel, are you excited for it?), Fix-It Felix, Jr. has a reputation as being the “poster boy for goodness”. Indeed, he’s a kind man who uses his abilities to help others, and the only thing he doesn’t really understand well is Wreck-It Ralph, but the two characters still have a good relationship, anyway.

Felix once saved a large apartment building from being destroyed by Ralph, but despite this confrontation, he has no ill will towards anyone. If you’re a fan of good deeds and fixing needs, a Fix-It Felix, Jr. costume is a great choice for your next Halloween party or cosplay convention!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Fix-It Felix, Jr. costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Fix-It Felix, Jr.


Felix has sandy brown hair in a simple style. You can cut and dye your own hair to resemble this, or wear a wig.


Modeled after the legendary video game character Super Mario, Felix wears a similar style of plumber’s outfit, including brown leather work gloves, dark blue denim jeans, a light blue work shirt with short sleeves and a simple brown belt. He also wears a white undershirt.

Shop for these clothing items online or check your local retail stores. Roll up the cuffs of the pant-legs past your ankles slightly to match Felix’s look. For an added extra touch, iron the work shirt.

He also has a dark blue embroidered oval patch on his shirt, a name tag which simply reads “Felix” in white script. You can paint this onto a work shirt yourself, order a customized name tag fabric patch with Felix written on it, or check out websites like Etsy for a pre-made Fix-It Felix, Jr. costume patch.


Felix also wears light brown work boots. Check out a local warehouse, army surplus store or browse online websites to find a good pair. He wears a dark blue baseball cap, too. Like the jeans, his cap appears to be made of similar denim. Check out online websites and costume shops for a good baseball cap, and wear the visor at the front to match Felix’s style.

Gold Hammer:

No Fix-It Felix, Jr. costume would be complete without his gold hammer. This hammer has healing properties in the film, able to help injured characters and repair broken items. You can shop online for a gold hammer, or make one yourself using a plastic hammer painted with gold glittery acrylic paint. Carry it with you in your hand, held triumphantly just like in the film!

This is a wonderful and fun  costume for any event, and it’s sure to be popular with the new sequel being released soon! Don’t forget to show up with a smile on your face and a cheerful attitude – no Felix impersonation would be complete without it!

Get your friends to dress up as characters like Wreck-It Ralph or others from the Disney universe and go to your convention or party together.

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“Why do I fix everything I touch?

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