Ghostbusters Costumes Guide For Kids & Adults

Ghostbusters Kevin Chris Hemsworth Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

Price: $123.99

Ghostbusters, a movie that’s always been loved. It was such a unique blend of the supernatural and comedy genre. It brought together two unique genres and put them together. The Ghostbusters costume is one everyone wants.

Ghostbusters Costume for Adults:

Ghostbusters Kevin Chris Hemsworth Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trevor Halloween Cosplay Costume

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

Back in the 80’s we had all kinds of movies. The industry kept getting new additions throughout the year. Ghostbusters was a hit from the get-go. The concept was so unique that people just couldn’t get enough of it. The Ghostbusters jumpsuit for adults even today in one that stands out.

It’s something that brings nostalgia back in the picture. It’s a perfect fit for all the conventions and expos out there.


Here we have the exact Ghostbusters cosplay suit from the movie. It has a lot to it which makes it all the more interesting. The Ghostbusters costume attire features:

  • The same Ghostbusters uniform from the movie. It makes you feel like you have accidentally set foot in that universe yourself. It’s a perfect feeling for all the fans who miss those times.
  • The device that makes you a ghostbuster in the first place. It’s copied really well and brings in the exact same look. For a fact it gives you another job the moment you wear it.


  • The cosplay costume here looks like it’ll stand the test of time. The quality of the product looks good.
  • The bag is inflatable which would solve a lot of problems arising otherwise.


  • The bag might not be exactly like the one from the movie. So it might lose the movie touch that we can’t get enough of.


It’s a perfect thing for the boomers out there. It’s something that would make them relive those times. The times that still bring tears to their eyes. Life was way easier back then right?

The Ghostbusters fancy dress is perfect. It’s one of a kind especially if you’re looking for something new. Looking to give yourself that dose of nostalgia that never gets old. The conventions and expos would love to see some of them. It’s something that’s been forgotten amidst everything else popping up.

Time to save the day with the Ghostbusters outfit.

Ghostbusters Costume Kids:

Why should adults have all the fun right? Kids, hop in the train as well. With the reboot, I’m sure a lot of you kids are fans of the movie now. Better get yourself a Ghostbusters suit while you’re at it.


The kids version isn’t any less. It’s on par with the adults version. It’s like a tough competition with them being from the same movie. Competition is everywhere now a days. The Ghostbusters costume kids comes along with:

  • The symbol that puts you out there as one of the fearless ghostbusters. It signifies your role and makes the ghosts run away in an instant.
  • The jumpsuit that caught the eyes of a lot of people in the movie. It’s one of a kind no matter which aspect of it are you viewing.


  • The product looks like it won’t get stained easily.
  • Washing it won’t damage the product in any way.
  • The size of the jumpsuit looks okay which would solve a lot of problems that arise when it comes to size adjustments.


  • The proton bag might be a bit too large for some small kids.
  • It’s tiring to wear that holding the bag all the time for kids.


If you’re a new fan of the movie, this is for you. This is the perfect thing you can get. Can’t sleep at night? We’ve got you covered. It’s sure to give all the exorcists a run for their money.

The Ghostbusters Jumpsuit is something every expo would want. The conventions would love to have it since it’s quite rare these days. Everyone is super into anime. But we shouldn’t forget how good the movies were.

Even theme days would love it since it goes with everything.

Ghostbusters Information:

When it comes to thieves and burglars, we call the police. You know, trespassing and everything. But you can’t call the police for the paranormal right?

This is where the ghostbusters come in. They make sure you are never pestered by ghosts anymore. They stay true to their name and truly exterminate all the evil that exists out there. Something is out of law’s hands alright. They make that very fact crystal clear for everyone out there.

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