Ghostface Costume Guide

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Ghostface Costume Guide

Scare your friends and bring some comedic creepiness to the cosplay scene with a Ghostface costume from the Scream films!

With his eerie white face, black robes and bloodstained hunting knife, Ghostface is one of the most famous parodies of the slasher film genre, and this DIY guide will tell you everything you need to step into the role of this B-movie boogeyman.

In the Scream films, which poke lighthearted fun at horror tropes in pop culture while also providing plenty of thrills and chills, Ghostface is the primary antagonist of the series who first appeared in the mid 1990’s. Ghostface typically targets victims by calling them up on the telephone and stalking them before killing them, and he wears a spooky rubber mask to hide his face. Ghostface also prides himself on his murders and his knowledge of horror films, and uses them to taunt various characters.

This is a great option for any cosplayer who loves the Scream series, as well as the perfect way to make a killing at any Halloween party. See more horror flick costume guides here.

Ghostface Costume Ideas

Scream Ghostface Killer Halloween Mask Cosplay Accessory Prop

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How to Dress Like Ghostface from Scream


Ghostface gets his name from his white rubber mask. Modelled after the classic Edvard Munch painting titled “The Scream”, the mask features exaggerated, angular features with a gaping black mouth, vacant eye sockets and a hollow nose.

You can recreate Ghostface’s signature disguise with a rubber mask of your own, or with black and white Halloween face makeup. Search for these supplies at retail websites, costume shops and Halloween stores.


Ghostface hides his body beneath a black Grim Reaper style hooded robe. The robe has ruffled, wing-like sleeves when he stretches his arms out, and it goes all the way down to his feet. You can purchase costume robes online from retail websites and wholesale websites.

Wear some plain black clothing underneath the robe to cover up anything left out by the robe, since Ghostface likes to hide his identity.Accessories:

Ghostface wears black gloves and black boots on his feet. You can get gloves at retail websites, shopping malls and accessories shops. For the boots, check retail websites and shoe stores.

You’ll also need Ghostface’s 8-inch hunting knife, which he uses as his primary weapon. You can buy fake toy knives from retail websites and toy stores, or you can use craft supplies to make your own knife. Add some fake blood for an extra feature.

You can buy fake blood from most Halloween stores and party supply stores.

Voice Changer:

Ghostface speaks in a warped, sinister voice. Purchase an electronic voice changer to use with your costume as an extra detail so you can get this spooky character’s same vocal tone. You can buy toy voice changers at retail websites, Halloween stores and toy stores.

For an extra challenge, you can also practice throwing your own voice to see if you can master imitating Ghostface. Practice repeating some of his most famous quotes from the Scream films.

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