Goku Cosplay Costumes Guide

Kids Size Dragon Ball Goku Halloween Cosplay Costume

Price: $15.99

Goku Cosplay Costumes Guide

Son Goku is one of the most iconic characters ever in the anime world, the powerful Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. He still is one of the most wanted cosplay outfits worldwide and that is because he is the favorite superhero for many people. Look at our Goku cosplay recommendation to look exactly like him.

Goku Cosplay Costume:

Kids Size Dragon Ball Goku Halloween Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Black White Shoes Cosplay Boots

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character .

Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Costume

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This amazing Goku cosplay outfit will make you look marvelous; you can perfectly use it to go to cosplay conventions or a costume party. It is made with pretty and comfortable cloth that will fit perfectly in your body and, you can buy the wig of his iconic hairstyle.The Goku outfit is one of the most complete costumes to look amazing. This one brings all the accessories so you can get all the set of top, pants, belt, wristbands, and the boot covers. They make them with the best materials on the market; they come in brilliant colors to shine with its electric blue and orange.

This Goku Costume also comes with a very detailed kanji to look equal to Kakarot in the front and the back of the shirt. If you want the complete look, you can always buy the Black wig.


  • High-Quality Outfit and has an affordable price.
  • The Goku cosplay costume fits perfectly for almost every kind of body.


  • the pants could be a little bit long for small people.


This is an amazing Goku outfit to show all your creativity while choosing a strong costume to go to a convention or costume party. There are many other options on the market but this one is great because they fabricate it with love and with significant detail. It also includes all the accessories that our favorite Super Saiyan use.

Complete the look using the wig showed here, or get another one instead. There are super Saiyan mode wigs to show all you power with your yellow-haired wig if you want to go for that look.

Goku costumes are always the center of attention so you will take many pictures with all the assistants to the convention or party. This costume will guarantee you to know many amazing people who like anime and the Dragon Ball Z series specifically.

You can always learn an amazing fight choreography with a friend to simulate an epic battle. On the other hands, you can practice alone one of Goku’s martial arts scenes. Everyone will look at you while you look like the hero; they have always aspired to be.

Goku Black Cosplay Costume:

One of the most recent villains from the Dragon Ball Super series, Goku Black has become of the favorite for many fans around the world. Being as powerful as the real Kakarot from the 7th universe that we all love, this is a very strong character to be cosplayed.This Goku Black outfit includes the vest, belt, shirt, and pants; they are fabricated in uniform cloth in grey, red, and black respectively. Fabricators have really paid attention to the details in this Goku cosplay costume to make you look marvelous, every piece fits perfectly in your body.The pants come with an elastic end to fit your ankles. The boots or cover boots are ready to use taking its part and shine with the complete look. This cosplay costume comes in any size so everyone can look like Black Goku to go to their meeting.


  • This costume is a high-quality and for a good price .
  • You can send your sizes to the fabricator to get it custom made, especially for you to make it even more suitable.


  • It does not include the black or pink Goku Black wig or cover boots to complete the look.


Goku Black cosplay costume is a perfect choice if you want to look powerful and intimidating. As this villain share, the same power level as our favorite hero Goku and can even compete with him and Vegeta everyone loves him.

The addition of this evil form of Kakarot to Dragon Ball super has been a hit from Akira Toriyama. With the costume, you will look amazing to get it and combine with the other accessories not included in this set to complete the look.

To look exactly as Goku Black you can buy his characteristic hairstyle, you can choose the pink Super Saiyan mode. Remember this character also uses the Potara earrings so you can get a pair of them to look spectacular. The impersonation of Goku is always a hit in the anime meetings.

If there any other person in a Dragon Ball cosplay outfit there, you can perform together a fight to entertain your friends or the audience. What we are sure of is that this costume will look good in any place you dare to put it on. This amazing character is one of the newest favorite villains from the anime world.

Goku(Kakarat) Personality:

Son Goku has an energetic and cheerful personality; he is always happy but he can be serious when he enters the battle to save the world. He has amazing moral values of honesty and responsibility with their friends and family.

Goku Cosplay Advice and Tips

As you can see to cosplay Goku, you will need an amazing cosplay costume. You can choose one from the recommended costumes above and combine it with the perfect accessories to make it even better. If you want to gather attention in the meeting, practice your Kame hame ha to perform it. Everyone would love to take a chance to take a picture with you.

Kakarot will always be the favorite hero for everyone who grows up watching this series.

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