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Greg Universe Costume Guide

DIY Young Greg Universe Costume Guide

Greg Universe Costume: DIY Guide

Greg Universe, in his early twenties left his family and friends behind and dropped out of college. He decided to travel and play music in his one man rock band. He was nicknamed the “Star Child”. A nickname that was given to him by his music manager Marty, who he now hates. He was attempting to live his life to the fullest back then, the way most 22 year olds would want too. He knew he wanted to be more than just a worker at the local car wash. Greg is known to make some of this worst choices, but he always owns up to his mistakes and makes them right.

That is until he feel in love with long time girlfriend Rose (who isn’t as human), and together the have a son Steven. This being the reason he decided it was time to grow up and started working at Wash It. He lives a simple lifestyle and is said to be an all around nice and caring guy. Nonetheless, he finds himself in some odd situations like building rockets for his not fully human son.

As a young man, Greg Universe had the talent, passion, and dream to be a rockstar and the looks to go along with it. He had brown long hair, large hooped earrings, wore t-shirts with torn off sleeves, and jeans with holes. It was the classic rocker look.

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How to Dress Like Young Greg Universe

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Greg Universe Costume Breakdown


In his younger days Greg Universe had thick, voluminous dark brown hair that went down to his waist that would even make hair metal rockers in Poison or Twisted Sister jealous.


Keeping up with that 80s rockstar look, young Greg Universe had large silver hooped earrings – one of which you can see dangling due to his hair being tucked behind one ear all the time. 


Young Greg wore a “Greg Universe T-Shirt”. It is a black shirt with sleeves ripped off at the seams to give it a more edgy look. It was emblazoned with a large yellow star on the front. Greg rocked blue jeans with holes ripped at the knee.


Greg Universe rocked a pair light blue flip flop sandals, which went great with his laid back personality and style.


What’s the one thing you need to be a rockstar? A guitar of course. Greg Universe’s passion for music was intense. He had both an acoustic and an electric guitar. He was often seen in flashbacks with his guitar strapped around his body. A guitar is an essential prop for any young Greg Universe costume.

About Greg Universe


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Greg Universe in Action