Grunkle Stan Costume Guide

Disney Gravity Falls Stanley Grunkle Stan Pines Cosplay Costume

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Grunkle Stan Costume Guide

Slap on your fez and grab your cane, you stubborn old man, it’s time to get funky with our Grunkle Stan costume guide! 

In ‘Gravity Falls’, Stanley Pines, known by most as Grunkle Stan, is an eccentric older gentleman who’s the Great Uncle to Dipper & Mabel Pines. He’s taking care of the kiddos for the summer, and his less-than-sunny disposition makes it challenging for him at times. He owns a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack where he curates allegedly supernatural creatures and curiosities…allegedly.

Stanley Pines Costume Ideas

Disney Gravity Falls Stanley Grunkle Stan Pines Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls


When Grunkle Stan isn’t wearing his signature fez, you can see he’s got shaggy-short grey hair and longer sideburns. If you’re going to be wearing the fez the whole time, you can opt to either silver your sideburns with hair paint spray, or buy false sideburns from a costume supply store or online. And if you opt to go all the way, you can either style and paint your own hair or find a wig at a halloween store or online. 


A simple black suit with a white shirt are all you need to become Grunkle Stan. The nuances are in his props and accessories. If you don’t already own these items, check out a second-hand store before paying full price. His jacket is a classic, vintage, one-button coat, but any black suit jacket will do. 

Accessories & Props & Makeup: 

Get ready. Grunkle Stan is a man of many personal affects. 

Start with the red fez he always wears. If you want you can buy one on amazon or a similar online retailer, but you can also make one one the cheap. You can find a plain maroon fez at a costume store or online and use yellow felt to make the fish and little circle. You an use fabric glue to attach the felt to the fez. 

You can find Grunkle Stan’s glasses at a costume shop or online—he wears really big lenses with thick, black frames. You can also search for these at a second hand store and pop out the lenses. 

He’s also always rocking a red bolo tie, which you can either purchase or make out of red ribbon. 

Grunkle Stan’s cane is very unique, so you’ll probably have to make it yourself. We suggest finding a straight cane (one without a hook) and buying an 8-ball gear shift knob for cars, which you can find at an auto supply store or online. You can attach the two with epoxy. 

Finish off the look with grey face paint 5 o clock shadow (or your own). Grunkle Stan’s ears are also cartoonishly large—he is, afterall, a cartoon—so some prosthetic ears will really tie the whole costume together.

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