Hanako Kun Cosplay Costume

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Hanako Yugi Amane Comic Cosplay Costume

Hanako Kun Cosplay Costume

This year, we had a lot of good anime coming out. From sequels returning to the screen they once shined the brightest on to others. From new ones that were originals and had a lot of fan base riled up already to new additions.
By new additions I mean shows that were recently picked up to get animated.

Hanako Kun is one of them and is one of the ones to look out for this year. Way to start the year with a blast from the get-go. The Hanako Kun cosplay costume is surely something that’d make a perfect addition to the list. The list that keeps piling up comprising of the character cosplays everyone loves.

Hanako Kun Costume:

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun Hanako Yugi Female Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character .

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I’ve been with the original for a long time. It’s very enjoyable and totally worth the read. The trailer was like a blast from the past since it made me remember. It made me recall all those memories that I made while reading it in the beginning.
The new ones, the hot ones are surely the ones to look out for and He is as new as it gets. The Hanako Kun cosplay costume is sure something that’d make the others look bland. It’d be an old era versus a new era. You’d become that next level new generation kid right away with this Hanako Kun cosplay outfit.


Here we have the exact toilet bound Hanako kun cosplay outfit from the anime. The anime that gave us the laughs and took the entire theme to the next level. Talk about innovation since the series gave a whole new look to the genre. The elements it introduced, the story it brought to the table was something completely new. This surely makes it stand out and something everyone should check out. The Hanako kun cosplay costume has a lot to it such as:

  • The black upper that gives the true meaning, the true feel of the character. Black has always been that color that exhibits that sharp bright feel that everyone loves. It makes the Hanako cosplay outfit stand out even more.
  • The hat that makes the cops stop wearing one since they got beaten by a kid in the domain of swag. The hat is really crisp and stays true to the cosplay costume that has our eyes fixated since the beginning.
  • The red stripes on both the cosplay outfit and the hat and goes hand in hand with the black, both on their way to make the toilet bound Hanako costume stand out even more.
  • The buttons that carry and exhibit the school image of Japan itself, those uniforms that we see in almost every anime whenever school comes to play as a genre.


  • The exact same cosplay costume from the anime.
  • The details are copied really well making it look real close to the anime version.
  • It comes up with the accessories as well making us conserve a lot of time and effort.


  • The suit might be uncomfortable with the glaze and the rough material that catches the eye.
  • The stripes might not look exactly like the anime version but that might not be true.


If you’re someone who was all in, all abroad the train when the trailer first came out last year, this is for you. This is something that’d make you look like one of those cool kids who’s always up to date. The one who keeps his stuff together. Everything’s used up and bland by now since all the cosplay costumes have been used over and over again.

I totally agree that the old ones are a classic and surely something that is unforgettable. But we need something new for a change. Sometimes the new ones are better than the old ones beating them at their own game. It’s totally unpredictable, the things in the anime universe. Whether it’s an anime convention or an expo.

the Hanako Kun cosplay costume is surely something that’d make it light up. It’d make everyone fixated on you and the thought process running in their mind regarding who’s the new kid in town.

Hanako Kun Full Costume:

You’ve already seen the trailer, both on youtube and from the image provided by the words above. This serves as the last piece to the puzzle, the one that made things complete. Both the Hanako Kun cosplay outfits are something new and both really cool in their own aspects and domains but this, this is different. This is way cooler than the original and makes things way better than the original one. The best thing is that you can also switch things up constantly swapping the two. Have people wondering what’s going on.


The exact Hanako Kun outfit from the anime that’s made the picture complete now that it’s here. Better late than ever.

The Hanako Kun cosplay costume right here, the full version of it brings the show back to life. It makes us recall all the memories associated with the show while providing us the opportunities, the opportunities to try out new stuff as well. The toilet bound Hanako Kun cosplay costume right here comes with:

  • All the stuff from the original cosplay costume making it the perfect two in one deal you can ever imagine of.
  • The hat that looks the old one look completely bland and ordinary while giving the full Hanako kun cosplay costume shine even more and more.
  • The sign at the center that serves to bound the whole cosplay outfit in a single spot, in a single place that’s reserved for it from the beginning.
  • The cloak that gives a whole another look to the anime cosplay costume. It makes the hero capes that we’ve seen all these years look way too normal.
  • The long sleeves unlike the ones from the original costume, giving it an entirely new look. The gold look also adds to the appeal of the cosplay costume.


  • The entirety of the cosplay costume from the anime in addition to the previous one.
  • The accessories come along with it, all of them at that as well.
  • The colors go well with each other and make the anime come to life right here.


  • It might be uncomfortable with the cloak that’d wipe the place clean while you taking the dirt home.
  • The sign at the center might wear out soon but it might be just the picture and not the actual product.


You’ve just finished Hanako kun and really liked it, making you read it as well and know all there is to it. Now there’s a convention that’s coming your way and you’re baffled, bewildered as you are completely out of ideas and are high on Hanako kun. This sounds a plan now doesn’t it.

It’s the perfect opportunity to bring out the big guns. The chance to make the Hanako kun cosplay costume stand out in front of the entire world for the eyes to feast on.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, whether Halloween’s approaching or you have a theme party coming up, this is your best bet. It’d give the fans a sight to behold. It’d be a breath of fresh air, a completely new thing to look at since it hasn’t been done that much yet. Way to stir things up and make all the eyes fixate on you.

It’s sure to make people come up to you and ask you all these questions. It’d be the perfect opportunity to make new friends, to know more people.

Hanako kun Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Be sure to try out the Hanako kun cosplay costume prior to the occasion to have a feel of the outfit. Moreover, be careful not to be an alternative to the cleaning services with your cloak.

It’d be a hassle and a pain later on. Moreover, make sure to keep up the appearances, staying true to the personality and character from the show. It’d make the perfect picture shine out right at the front for everyone to see and appreciate.

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