Hinata Cosplay Costume: How To Dress Like Hinata Hyuga

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Hinata Cosplay Costume: How To Dress Like Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga is one of the best female characters to date. Even when we consider the entire female characters to exist up til now in the anime universe. She peaks the list and tops the charts with no effort at all. Hinata cosplay costume to her style everything makes up for a pretty good. Surely cool and something everyone would love to dress up as. It’s like one of the tops picks when it comes to female cosplay characters.

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Hinata Cosplay Costume:

It’s the Hinata cosplay costume from the famous anime Naruto Shippuden that’s had the world by storm. The anime that was all over the world during it’s runtime and still hasn’t stepped down even now. Even when it’s long gone from the TV screen. As they say, Legends Never Die.
It makes up for a very good Hinata outfit to cosplay in and something every girl would dream of dressing up as. Conventions and expos sure lookout for these Hyuga cosplays and they sure are excited when they see one. She’s one of the most loved female characters since everything about the character is adorable.

It’s the same old Hinata clothes that we’ve loved to look at since it’s a debut. The purple and white color that go hand in hand all over it. The violet is not that bright but is not bland by any means and gleams brighter. Brighter than it would’ve done if it were a brighter shade of the color. The white is a symbol of how pure the character is both inside out. The colors blend in with each other in a very good way which brings the anime character here. Here in the real world.

The pants are dark blue in color which are the same ones she’s been wearing since they were kids. It’s as if they grew along with her making us think she never changed her outfit. Those straps are still there since Naruto the first series and are nostalgic in their own way. Her hair to her whole outfit went so well with each other that no other female character has exhibited that blend. Even when we take into consideration most of the popular ones, Hinata cosplay costume sure stands out.


  • The very Hinata costume from the anime Naruto.
  • The colors blend in very well bringing the nostalgia home.
  • All the details are copied perfectly and deliver the perfect Hinata cosplay.


  • The colors look a bit dim compared to the anime version of the Hinata costume.
  • The pants might be a bit tight around the edges.


We all know that Hinata is one of the most favorite female characters to date. She’s perfect in all her ways even if all of them taken into consideration. From her personality to her morals to her values, everything is perfect.
This makes her the idol many girls follow and aspire to be. I think that Naruto and Hinata are one of the best anime couples as they ended up together after everything. If you’re a Hyuga Hinata cosplay fan, look no further. This is the outfit of your dreams, the one you danced with Naruto last night at bedtime. A lot of cosplay conventions and expos are lined up for the rest of the year.

What better spot and place to flaunt the Hinata outfit other than that. It’d make the perfect Hinata costume and would make everyone’s jaw drop when they have a glimpse of it. Even you can have your boy cosplay as Naruto and walk around hand in hand. You’d be the cover of many magazines in work and many more to come as well. It’s a must-buy for all the Naruto anime series fans who think that Hinata costume is the best one out there.

Hinata Shoes:

We’ve seen these traditional Japanese shoes for a long time. Everyone tried to design one of these back when we were kids. No need to be shy, each and every one of us did and you should be proud of yourselves. It was such a delightful experience in it’s entirety. Now, the real guns are here. You want to pull off the perfect Hinata cosplay to date. You have to make an effort to get it all complete as well now don’t you. These are the very shoes from the naruto anime series.

The ones they all do that iconic Naruto run in that’s been such a meme and that thing. The thing that unites all the Naruto fans and brings them closer to one another. They look pretty easy to use and walk around in so you might be wearing them for more than just the cosplay. Talk about Hyuga in the house 24/7. They are sure to make your Hinata costume way more appealing and attractive than it already is. I can already see a lot of people coming up to you for pictures. Star in broad daylight.

Leaf Village Logo Headband�?:

Again with these. I’m sure we all agree on how much effort we’ve put into art and crafts. Even taking into account those school classes and the youtube lessons. Some of us came up with pretty good ones but through all that effort and time. This is the very same Naruto Leaf Village headband accessory in the very way it was in the anime. The headband signified and delivered a message since the beginning of Naruto. It was a sign, an identity on its own that made characters more memorable. It gave depth to the story in general and made it way more interesting and something everyone looked forward to.

Your Hinata cosplay is without a doubt incomplete without is cause you not representing the village. That’s not good for you should be proud of Konoha. And do I even need to tell you about how cool that thing looks? See for yourself. The whole design and everything is the very same it was in the anime. Talk about anime brought to like by a single click.

Hinata Hyuga Makeup:

She has a very attractive face. No one can deny that. She was one of if not the cutest female characters in the entire Naruto series. To make your Hinata costume as long to the anime as you can, you need to do the makeup as well. Anime characters are made to look perfect in multiple ways. They raise the standards and introduce aspects that are not possible unless taken the help of makeup and other instruments.
This video is pretty easy to watch and it makes you understand everything right away.

I’m sure you wouldn’t have even a single question after the video is finished since it is self explanatory. It delivers the message and gives the instructions in the simplest way possible. This is the perfect tutorial you can find to make your Hinata cosplay complete.

Hinata Cosplay Advice And Tips:

If you’re looking to dress up and rock the expo with the perfect Hinata costume, make sure to follow everything. Make sure your makeup is done very well in its entirety. Make sure you’ve wore the outfit at least once since you get it for it’ll make things a lot easier. Do all the adjustments and the makeup as close to the anime as you can. I’m sure you’ll be fine and would be able to pull off the best Hinata cosplay to date.

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