Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplay Costume Guide

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Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplay Costume Guide

One of the best Studio Ghibli movies ever. Howl’s Moving Castle was perfect through and through. The Wizard Howl cosplay costume is surely a must-have.

Wizard Howl Costume:

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The Wizard Howl costume is copied really well. It brings in the original feel from the movie. It’s perfect for all the conventions and expos out there.

Also, theme days work pretty well with it. It’s got all you could ask for. Nostalgia is in the air with this Wizard Howl cosplay suit. Howl’s Moving Castle is about to come back. Surprise everyone with this.


Here we have the exact Howl’s moving castle cosplay costume. It features:

  • The white shirt that serves as the starting line.
  • The fancy Howl’s moving castle jacket that’s sure to come in with all the magic there is out there.
  • The necklace that brings the movie back to life.
  • The black pants that make the Wizard Howl’s costume complete.
8.5Expert Score

Review:You get more than what you’re paying for. The Howl’s Moving Castle suit here has it all. Plus, it’s great quality for the money as well. You should definitely get it. It would be the perfect buy.



  • Great quality.
  • Everything in one place.
  • Good price


  • Strings here and there.
  • The pants might be too long.


If Howl’s Moving Castle was your favorite movie then this is it. This is something that’d make you jump in excitement. The movie was just that good.

This Wizard Howl outfit is perfect for conventions. I’m pretty sure people won’t be expecting it. This makes it all the sweeter. The Cosplay party works pretty well with it as well. With the royal style of the outfit, It works great on theme days as well. People might mistake you for the royalty or something. It’s all good though.

The Howl’s moving castle costume is great for the price. It has that great quality that makes it all worth the money. Also, you get a lot of stuff saving you a lot of time. All that makes it a perfect buy. Do your kid version a favor by buying this. I’m pretty sure you’ll be proud of yourself.

About Wizard Howl:

Howl, one of the best magicians anime has to offer. Originally from Wales, you get an idea where that royal look. That out of this world appearance comes from. That makes the Wizard Howl cosplay outfit all the better. Being a prodigy when it comes to magic.

Wizard Howl sure is someone who every magician would be envious of. Studying magic throughout his life and coming up with a thesis as well. He sure is someone admirable. Plus that moving castle and all those rumors. The movie was just so great. I want to watch it again now. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Wizard Howl cosplay:

Make sure you wear it the perfect way. Look up the character and copy him. This would make the Howl’s Moving Castle costume perfect. Also, make sure the necklace is in its perfect position. We need the entire look here.

Try to watch the movie once again to have a better grasp. A better understanding of the character. It’d make emulating him all the easier. Lookup for other characters there at the convention. Keep up with all of that and you’ll pull off the best. The perfect Howl’s Moving Castle cosplay outfit out there.

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