Jet Black Costume Guide

KANGAROO Halloween Accessories - Bald Cap, Beige

Jet Black Costume Guide

In the popular anime series ‘Cowboy Bebop’, Jet Black is an officer in the ISSP and a bounty hunter. He’s a hardened man and a commander with strong morals and a strong constitution, but he’s got a hopeless romantic side which makes him a complex and interesting character. 

Being that Jet Black is an excellent mechanic, he wears a dark grey/blue jumpsuit with ripped sleeves and a red t-shirt underneath. The ripped sleeves are to make room for his bionic arm—an arm that replaced his own when a “friend” of his went behind his back, teamed up with the enemy, and shot Jet Black. 

Follow along to learn how to create your own Jet Black look for your next costume party or anime con. 

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Jet Black Costume Ideas

KANGAROO Halloween Accessories - Bald Cap, Beige

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How to Dress Like Jet Black from ‘Cowboy Bebop’

Hair & Facial Hair:

Jet Black is bald up top, with short dark hair around the sides and back. He has a short beard (no mustache) with hair coming to a point on his face at his temples, cheek bones, and up the center of his chin. His eye brows are bushy. 

Unless you’re willing to shave your head, you’re going to need a bald cap and the appropriate adhesives and makeup to fasten & color it. You’ll also want to find a wig to mimic Jet Black’s hair. 

You can either find fake facial hair (a full beard with a ‘stache) and cut the mustache out to create the parts of this beard that come to points. You could also supplement your own beard with pieces of false facial hair—you’ll just want to use hair paint or stage makeup to get it all the same color. Another option is to use a stippling brush and stage makeup to create the effects.  

You can find all of this online or in a costume shop. 


Jet Black wears the anime take on a classic mechanic look. So you’ll want to find a grey jumpsuit, cut the sleeves off, and modify the collar so that it sits up straight. He has two gold rectangle stacked horizontally on the left side of his collar, which you could recreate with paint.

He wears a red sleeveless t-shirt underneath his jumpsuit, and top few buttons unbuttoned. There are green patches on the suit, which you can recreate either with paint or sewing on pieces of green fabric. 

Accessories & Bionic Arm: 

When Jet Black lost his arm, it was replaced with a bionic one. If you don’t want to build the arm yourself, you can use a flesh colored compression arm sleeve and use a marker to give it that cyborg look. 

He also wears an epic pair of light grey, knee-high boots. To recreate those without building them, you can get a pair of light grey ankle boots (or any color and paint them!) and a pair of knee high socks. Brown kneepads will look great as the cap. 

And don’t forget, as Jet Black always says, “You got to listen to your dreams. That’s how you find your dream girl.”

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