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Disney Zootopia Officer Judy Hopps Cosplay Costume


In the Disney animated film Zootopia, Judy is a small bunny with big dreams and a lot of talent. Ever since she was a little bunny she’s wanted to be a police officer, but there’s just one problem – in her society, little rabbits are prey animals, and they don’t get to be powerful cops like predators!

Luckily for Judy though, she’s able to graduate from the police academy, leave home and hop towards her dreams regardless of what anyone else thinks.

If you want to lay down the law at your next cosplay convention, why not go with a Judy Hopps costume?

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Judy Hopps Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Judy Hopps from ‘Zootopia’


Judy is a rabbit with long bunny ears and gray fur. To recreate Judy’s look for yourself, you can either purchase a long-haired silver wig and use gray hair elastics to pull it back into two ear-like ponytails, or you can wear a rabbit-ear headband in your hair.

Check out Halloween stores and retail websites for a gray rabbit headband, and browse around Halloween stores and online costume websites if you’d prefer to use a silver wig.

Makeup and Eyes:

Judy has gray fur on her face, thick black eyebrows, long black eyelashes, large purple eyes and a little pink nose on her face. To nail down this look for your costume, you can use a combo of Halloween face paint and beauty cosmetics like mascara and an eyebrow pencil to give your face a Judy Hopps style.

Here are a few good Judy Hopps makeup tutorials to help you get the right look:


As a street-wise cop, Judy is very rarely seen out of uniform. She wears navy blue tactical pants, silver knee-pads, black open-toed shoes, a utility belt complete with all the police tools she uses daily, a cobalt blue long-sleeved blouse, a navy blue sleeveless vest, black fingerless gloves with two silver reflective stripes on each, and last but not least her gold police badge.

Check out online retail websites and costume shops for all the supplies you’ll need. You can also purchase a pre-made female police uniform costume online if you’d prefer. For the silver reflective tape on Judy’s gloves, you can order tape online or use gray duct tape from any craft supply store.

Bunny Accents:

As a rabbit, Judy has large furry gray feet, small furry gray arms and a small gray tail underlined in white. Check out online costume websites or Halloween stores for fake furry gloves, slippers and a strap-on tail to complete your Judy Hopps costume.

About Judy Hopps


Ha-ha-ho, no. Actually, It’s Officer Hopps and I’m here to ask you some questions about a case.

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