Kakashi Cosplay Costume

Kakashi Hatake Hatake Kakashi Black Shoes Cosplay Boots

Price: $44.99

Kakashi Cosplay Costume

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most loved shinobi characters in the Naruto’s franchise; our favorite sensei is always a favorite to cosplay. You can get every Kakashi cosplay item to look exactly like him since his iconic Sharingan eyes to the wig and the outfit from any cosplay store.

Kakashi Hatake Cosplay Costume:

Kakashi Hatake Hatake Kakashi Black Shoes Cosplay Boots

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Naruto Kakashi Hatake ANBU Black Ops Black Shoes Cosplay Boots

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

Naruto Hatake Kakashi Deluxe Cosplay Costume and Accessories Set

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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This amazing Kakashi cosplay costume will provide you everything that you need to look like your favorite ninja, Kakashi Hatake. You will shine in this design, which is dedicatedly made to provide you the uniqueness of a high-end costume to go to anime conventions.

This Kakashi outfit includes a shirt with long sleeves in dark blue, with red icon details on both of the sleeves. A pair of dark blue pants. The iconic Jounin’s vest with all the details that you can aspire to make it look amazing. The facemask in dark blue to hide your mouth, a pair of gloves with the logo of the hidden leaf’s village. One headband from Konoha and a set of three kunais to play on with your costume.

This set comes in all the sizes from S to XXL. It is made in a comfortable and breathable material with the best quality to provide you the best experience.


  • They fabricate the vest with the best material, to look amazing and last for a long time.
  • It has an affordable price for all the items that it brings.


  • It does not include the shoes and the grey-haired wig to complete the costume.


As you can see this amazing Kakashi outfit will seal the deal for everyone who is looking for a Hatake Kakashi cosplay costume. This costume is affordable and counts with everything to look just like the character from Naruto’s anime series.

It is the perfect choice to wear as a party costume or go to a convention. The vest is amazingly detailed and is sewed with the best cloth of cotton to last for many years. The dark blue turtleneck shirt comes with Kakashi’s logo on each shoulder.

It also comes with many accessories to look fly; the headband is amazing with the Konoha logo that represents the sixth Hokage heritage. The pair of gloves comes with a metal piece with the Konoha logo, which is a cute detail for the genuine fans. It also includes a set of kunais to play with, practice throwing them to a target, and impress people around you.

Learn choreography to show your Hatake Kakashi cosplay as it is required and get ready to fight. You can always buy the grey-haired wig to complete the look. You can also make or buy the iconic Konoha’s shoes for a perfect look from head to toes.

Kakashi Hatake Shoes:

This is a pair of boots to do any cosplay from the Naruto franchise because most of the characters use them, just as Kakashi does. These boots come in two styles the differences are the soles and the zipper position between the two models. They are fabricated with the best materials in black color to look perfect with your Kakashi costume.They come in a wide range of sizes for kids, men, and women. This pair of boots will provide you the best experience while cosplaying because they are comfortable to walk with. They will last for a lot of time so you can use it with your future cosplays.

Kakashi Hatake Personality:

Kakashi counts with a dynamic personality, he used to be serious at an early age and in combat. While he is fighting, he is also a smart and calculating ninja. The most of time he shows a carefree personality, he always seems to be lazy and has a minimalist attitude.

Kakashi Hatake Cosplay Advice And Tips

There are many things that you can do to look exactly like the copy ninja. Kakashi cosplay outfit is easy to recreate if you can have most of the items from any shop.

You can also complete the complete Kakashi costume adding some Sharingan contact lenses to look just like him in battle. Bring on your jutsus and go to any cosplay convention, you will look phenomenal.

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