Kaneki Cosplay Costume Guide: Dress Like Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Guru √A Ken Kaneki Cosplay Costume

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Kaneki Cosplay Costume Guide: Dress Like Kaneki

Tokyo ghoul’s been around for quite some time now. It’s one of the most loved anime series and one of a kind in the horror genre. It brings a lot of elements to the table and gives us a story that others don’t even come close to. It’s unique in every way it is. It makes it a perfect show to cosplay someone from. I’m here to help you with Ken Kaneki cosplay and make you look like a ghoul by the end of this.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Cosplay Costume:

Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Guru √A Ken Kaneki Cosplay Costume

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Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Female Cosplay Costume

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Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Guru √A Ken Kaneki Black Cosplay Costume

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It’s the same Kaneki cosplay outfit from the anime. Not the one he has the time he’s a normal kid. It’s not even that turquoise upper that’s signature of the good old Ken Kaneki at this point. It’s that Kaneki costume in which he goes around hunting ghouls while sharing half of his existence with them. It makes it a perfect Kaneki outfit to go to cosplay conventions and expos. Make sure you show people how terrifying a ghoul really is.

It’s the Kaneki cosplay costume in which he had that white hair and was going all over the place. He was on a journey to find the truth, to find a purpose, to find the answers. His head was full of question marks ever since he woke up in that hospital bed. His life’s never been the same and we all know and feel that. The black color that signifies the loneliest color there is. It makes Kaneki costume exhibit the meaning and sense in which it was portrayed. Both in the manga and the anime. The details of the outfit are done really well and it makes for a good Kaneki cosplay.


  • The colors blend in really well giving it an anime look in real.
  • The glaze of the material makes it look natural and smooth.
  • The details are copied really well making it look as close to the anime as possible.


  • It might be uncomfortable and difficult to walk around in.
  • That upper might not be something you dressed in before making it feel a bit odd.


If you’re a Tokyo Ghoul fan who’s been with the show ever since it’s debut in 2013, this is for you. It takes the whole idea to the next level. By that I mean it brings out that Kaneki cosplay costume to it’s the truest sense in reality. This manifests the fear and the malicious intent those ghouls harbor. Of course, Ken didn’t lose himself completely. He tried to be in control but terror is something you can’t suppress. The Kaneki outfit makes for a scary outfit and it gives multiple directions to it. By that, I mean that how it’s suitable for a number of occasions. If there’s a convention nearby or an expo that’s made it’s way to your city, this is the best bet. This will surely bring Tokyo Ghoul to the table and would make the fans go crazy on seeing it.

Kaneki Cosplay Advices:

Make sure to try the Kaneki costume out a number of times prior to the event. This’ll let you have a feel of the whole Tokyo ghoul Kaneki cosplay and make it look more slick and natural. It’d be good if you memorize some quotes from the show as well. It’d make the cosplay perfect.

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