Kill La Kill Cosplay Showcase

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Kill La Kill Cosplay Showcase
We are on the hunt for the best Kill la Kill cosplay Like Ryuko Matoi trying to avenge her father’s murder. Kill la Kill is the groundbreaking anime set in Honnouji Academy, a fictional high school in Tokyo Bay, Japan. There are so many amazing cosplay opportunities from the world of Kill la Kill, including the main characters Ryuko Matoi and her nemesis Satsuki Kiryuin, and the eye-popping goku uniforms of Honnouji Academy students. Show off your best Kill la Kill cosplay look or vote for your favorite cosplayers below! Skip to Gallery

How to Submit Your Kill la Kill Cosplay Photo

Submit your photo for consideration to be included in this contest by using one of the following methods:
  • Via Submission Form: Post your submission on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #gogocosplay and email the link to us via our contact form(Make sure to select “Cosplay Showcase Submission” in the “Purpose” drop down field)
* Note: Submission isn’t a guarantee of inclusion in the showcase.


Each vote will increase ranking of the entry. The entry with the most votes will have the top ranking #1. (NOTE: There sometimes is a delay in vote tallies but the rankings are always accurate. If you don’t see votes reflected immediately check back later to see the correct amount of votes.)

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