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King Triton Costume Guide

King Triton Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay and Halloween

King Triton Costume: DIY Guide

In The Little Mermaid, King Triton is a good-natured but immensely powerful ruler of a magical undersea kingdom known as Atlantica. He has many daughters, but one of them, Ariel, is a rebellious mermaid who is always getting into mischief! He loves her anyway, and he’ll do anything to protect his family and the people and creatures of his kingdom, but when an evil sea-witch called Ursula tries to meddle with his rules, it will take his power and Ariel’s love to save everyone from peril.

King Triton has a strong resemblance to King Neptune from Spongebob Squarepants, and he’s a great father. He doesn’t like to let Ariel fantasize too much about having legs and meeting human friends, but when he realizes it’s her life’s dream, he’s very understanding. King Triton is easy to dress up as, because a costume for him consists of just a few simple elements.

Check out the links below to make your very own King Triton costume for cosplay or Halloween.

King Triton Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like King Triton from ‘The Little Mermaid’


King Triton has long white hair and a full beard. He has a white mustache and eyebrows, as well. He keeps his hair loose, so when you design your costume there’s no need to worry about tying it back! Best of all, when the light hits it, it shines, which is great if you’re going to a party with lots of lights. If you
don’t want to dye your hair, try wearing a white wig and fake beard with your costume. White eyebrows can be done with face paint or marker, so you’ll have a full facial ensemble.


Although he doesn’t wear clothes, King Triton has a long tail like a fish. It’s bright turquoise in color and made up of small, shimmering scales. He wears shiny gold bracelets on his wrists, too. His tail has large green pointed fins on the end for swimming at the speed of lightning through the ocean’s choppy waters. Just be careful not to trip if you plan on walking, because his tail is very long If you can’t find a turquoise one, a green tail can easily work, as well.

Crown and Trident:

As the royal King of Atantica, King Triton is never seen without his fabulous crown. Made of sparkling gold spikes like the crown on New York City’s Statue of Liberty, no King Triton costume would be complete without it. The best thing of all though is the enormous gold trident he carries, which looks like a three-pronged fork more or less. When he points it, he has power to save his friends and family that even evil old Ursula is no match for! A trident is an easy costume accessory to purchase, or you can make your own trident from household objects and gold paint.


King Trident doesn’t wear a shirt either, but if you’re planning on going outdoors trick-or-treating, or going to an event in a building where a shirt is required, a lightweight white blouse can work as a good substitute.

About King Triton


“Only the ruler of the sea is allowed to carry this trident. So long as I have this, I can vanquish any foe.

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King Triton in Action