Kirito Cosplay Costume

Sword Art Online Alicization SAO Kirito Cosplay Costume - A Edition

Kirito Cosplay Costume

Sao Kirito is the protagonist of the anime Sword Art Online. Within the anime, he is an excellent MMO-style video game player.

Lovers of anime and cosplays, you will find the Kirito costume and accessories for a great Sao Kirito cosplay.

And there is no Kirito outfit without his boots and iconic sword. The perfect accessories.

Kirito Costume:

Sword Art Online Alicization SAO Anime Kirito Black Cosplay Shoes

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It is a great product that can be used in any anime or cosplays event. You can also use it for a theme party.

This Kirito is made up of his great boots and his popular sword.

It is a very good quality product that can be used at any costume party or video game event.


This Kirito cosplay outfit is made of 100% polyester.

It has the official licenses and reserved rights of the creator company of the anime Sword Art Online.

The Kirito costume is integrated with the jacket, the chest protector and the bracelet.

It is designed to be used for both men and women. Also, it is designed for adult use only.

It comes in all sizes available, from the smallest to the extra-large. The sizes are adapted to US sizes.

The Sao Kirito outfit can be made to measure. Also, the jacket can be worn for any occasion of the day.

It can be ordered with other types of materials besides from polyester.


  • It counts with the official licenses of the anime.
  • It can be used by both men and women.
  • The jacket can be worn for any occasion of the day.
  • It can be custom made.
  • You can request that the Kirito costume be made with synthetic leather.


  • The Kirito outfit is designed for adult use only.
  • It should be washed very carefully. The jacket has delicate details.


It is very likely that every anime lover will love the show sword art online. Kazuto Kirigaya is a beloved and popular character among cosplayers.

It is an excellent option to water it to a lover of anime and cosplays.

It is perfect for cosplays with your girlfriend or boyfriend, since it is designed to be used for both sexes.

The jacket can be worn for any occasion of the day. You can use it for work, school or any important appointment or commitment.

The Kazuto Kirigaya costume has official licenses, so you can use a completely legitimate product.

This Kirito outfit is perfect for any comic or anime event or festival. You can also use it for costume parties.

In addition, it is an excellent option for role-playing games or attending video game events. This sword art online cosplay is great.

If you have problems with polyester, you can buy it in good quality synthetic leather. It is an outfit completely adjustable to any body type.

The Kirito cosplay costume is made with the best materials, it can last for many years if taken care of in the correct way.

Do not miss your opportunity to make the best sword art online cosplay ever seen. Become the Kazuto Kirigaya of real life.

Kirito Swords:

Sao Kirito cannot be complete without his famous sword. This cool sword is made of high carbon steel.

Kirito’s sword has very good and nice details. Its handle is made of wood and black leather.

With this sword, you can make the ideal cosplay Kazuto Kirigaya. You will be the sensation to any event or party you go.

The sword has many details in black, therefore it is the ideal complement to complete the Kirito outfit.

This sword is an accessory for adults. So you don’t have to worry about buying a simple toy.

Dare to own this amazing sword, and make the best cosplay Kazuto Kirigaya of all.

Kirito Shoes:

Of course, you can’t make the perfect Kirito cosplay without its cool and signature boots.These great boots are made of very good quality leather. Therefore they are very comfortable and easy to adjust boots.These boots are so cool that you can wear them with any other item of clothing. They can be combined with any type of clothing.The boots come in different sizes, but can be custom made. You can also buy them in styles and colors different from the traditional one.They can be used by men as well as women. Therefore, they are an excellent option to make a gift to a special person.In addition, you have the opportunity to make the ideal Kirito cosplay.

Kirito Cosplay Advice And Tips

We recommend that you request the Kirtio costume in a size larger than desired. The jacket is usually very tight.

We recommend that you purchase the shirt and pants separately. So you can make the Sao Kirito outfit with your own style.

If you have problems with polyester, request the Kirito cosplay costume with synthetic leather material.

Be very careful when washing the outfit. Wash it with cold water and with other dark-colored clothes.

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