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Fifth Element Korben Dallas Costume

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Korben Dallas Costume Guide

In the sci-fi cult classic The Fifth ElementKorben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis) is a smart- mouthed, jaded, recently- divorced just- fired taxi driver in future South Brooklyn, New York. More accurately, he is an ex-Special Forces soldier for the Federated Army trying to pull his life together as a civilian and having, shall we say, a rash of bad luck.

Korben was an extremely effective killing machine and a shoot-first-ask-questions-later decision- maker on the field, but now we see him alone, unappreciated, ineffective, jobless, and basically just fumbling.

Suddenly, his life gets turned upside down when a beautiful, orange- haired Divine, Leeloo, the Fifth Element, falls from the sky through his taxi roof, and he has to take her to a priest. He is re- enlisted in the Special Forces to take on a mission to protect Priest Vito Cornelius and Leeloo as they bring the 5 elements together to save the Earth from The Great Evil.

About Korben’s Style

He is a muscular man with short bleach-blonde receding hair, a perpetual 5-o’clock-shadow, a neon orange ribbed tank- top, and dark brown cargo pants tucked unto his black army boots. And oh yeah, he might be carrying a futuristic laser pistol, which he wields with deadly accuracy and no negotiations.

In this guide, you will learn how to put all the right elements together to recreate Korben’s Fifth Element costume.

Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Bleach- blonde hair
  • Neon orange tank- top 
  • Dark brown cargo pants and black army boots
  • Laser pistol and multipass

Korben Dallas Costume Ideas

The Fifth Element Korben Dallas Gun

The Fifth Element Korben Dallas Gun

Fifth Element Korben Dallas Costume

How often has this happened to you? You're driving along in your space taxi, minding your own business, when a woman in what looks like a really bad mummy costume crashes through your roof! Right

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How to Dress Like Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element

Hair and Beard:

Korben Dallas has short bleach-blonde receding hair. If your hair is receding, just bleach the rest of your hair with hair- color remover, leaving a pale orange/ bright yellow look behind. You can find the hair- color remover at any major retailer or online.

If you do not have a receding hairline, you can still get away with the bleached hair as long as it is cut in a military- style crew cut. If you have no desire to bleach your real hair, you can of course also find a wig online or at a costume shop. Additionally, make sure not to shave so that you have a 5 o’ clock shadow, leaving you with a rugged look.

Tank Top: 

Apparently in this version of the future, special forces soldiers ditch the camouflage and dark clothing in favor of a bright neon orange ribbed tank top that shows off his muscles. I guess if the fighters are as good as Korben Dallas, there is no need to hide or sneak.

He wears the same clothes every time we see him. The shirt is the most identifiable part of his costume. You can find a tank top like this online, at any major retailer.

Pants and Boots:

The rest of his costume is relatively low- key and practical. He wears dark brown cargo pants, the kind that army men wear in present day, with plenty of pockets and a durable material. At these same place you buy these pants you can also find his black army boots. He’s always ready to run into battle.

Pistol and Multi-Pass:

These last items can definitely add flair to your costume and make it more recognizable.

If you want the laser pistol to look just like the one in the movie, shopping online or at a costume shop is your best bet, but often this is not a seriously important part of the costume, so pretty much any futuristic alien-looking pistol will be serviceable. 

One item that is made a big deal of in The Fifth Element, is Korben Dallas’s multi-pass, which acts as his money, his identification, his public transportation ticket, and a way to track all the citizens of future New York.

Now, get one the phone and explain to your mother why she could not come on the all-expenses paid cruise that was your cover. You can try to explain in English or bad English. Good luck.

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