Kraft Punk Costume Guide

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Kraft Punk Costume Guide

Kraft Punk Costume: DIY Guide

First appearing on Adult Swim’s Eric Andre Show, Kraft Punk is a bizarre man with a head made entirely out of… Kraft Dinner. Ewww! Still, he was hugely popular on social media when his wacky appearances started trending, and he’s still endearing to this day, whether it be riding the subway train and creeping out the passengers or dancing around happily, oblivious to the shocked stares he gets. If you’re an absurdist at heart who adores internet culture, why not create a Kraft Punk costume for your next big cosplay event?

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Kraft Punk costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Kraft Punk Costume Ideas

Cytus II Cherry Punk Cosplay Costume

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Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Punk Cosplay Costume

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Alice: Madness Return Alice Punk Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Kraft Punk


Kraft Punk wears a helmet made of clotted together Kraft Dinner pasta noodles and a silver visor. It might seem impossible to recreate this look, but you can use a costume motorcycle helmet and glue orange pieces of foam or packing peanuts to it to give the essence of Kraft Dinner.

Search online websites like Amazon or eBay for a good helmet and some orange foam chunks, or order sheets of foam and cut them into chunks to glue on. For a real touch of authenticity, buy a box of real Kraft Dinner and cook it up, letting it dry into a paste.


For Kraft Punk’s clothing, you’ll need a bright orange jumpsuit and an orange business blazer, which he wears unbuttoned wherever he goes. You may also want an orange tank top or camisole to wear underneath the jumpsuit if you’re going to a cosplay convention on a cold night.

You can order all the components to this crazy ensemble online from most retail websites, or check out your local mall for similar items.

Shoes and Accessories:

Kraft Punk wears orange shoes and orange gloves. You can also use orange rubber boots if you prefer. If you can’t find a pair of orange shoes, use some spray paint to match the color to the rest of your costume.

Cheesy Props:

Throughout his brief stunts on television and social media, Kraft Punk has brought out a wide array of strange and hilarious props. Whether it’s a peeled slice of processed American cheese, a plastic gun or fake cheese vomit to scare passerby, he always has something up his sleeve!

You can buy various cheese products from any grocery store of your choice, and online websites like Amazon sell fake plastic toy handguns.

About Kraft Punk

Kraft Punk in Action


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