Meliodas Cosplay Costumes Guide

The Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai Meliodas Dragon's Sin of Wrath Cosplay Costume

Meliodas Cosplay Costumes Guide

Seven Deadly Sins is action at its best. With a story like that as well. You can’t help but binge it. The Meliodas cosplay costume is the character at his best.

Meliodas costume:

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Meliodas has always been a favorite. This Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas costume is a treat for the fans out there. It brings out all the character had to offer.

It’s perfect for the conventions out there. Among all those cosplays you’ll stand out. Moreover, parties would love it as well. Seven Deadly Sins is just that big. Get ready to be that cool kid.


Here we have the Meliodas cosplay costume. It features:

  • The white shirt and white pants that get things up and going.
  • The red tie that’s a signature of the character.
  • The black vest that makes things all the more original.
  • The bag that serves as the perfect add on.

9Expert Score


Review:You’re getting a lot for what you’re paying for. It’s like everything is in one place for you. They’ve really made things easy. It’s a great deal.



  • Bag included.
  • Great quality.
  • Detailed.


  • No wig or shoes.


If you’re a Meliodas fan then this is for you. This is perfect for any convention out there. It’ll make the character come to life here in the real world. People would love that. The Nanatsu no Taizai outfit makes the magic happen. Make the anime play in front of everyone.

Conventions are the perfect thing for it. People would turn up in all kinds of characters. It makes things all the better. Better turn up in the Meliodas Seven Deadly Sins cosplay outfit to keep up. We don’t want the others to get all the attention, right?

It’s like the perfect package. You get almost everything to the character. This saves a lot of time. With the character that hot. It’s sure to impress everyone out there. People would love to see it. Better be the first one to do it.

Meliodas outfit:

Here’s another version of the Meliodas cosplay attire from Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2. I know you guys want more so here it is.

This one brings another look of the character. It serves as a great change of pace. Perfect for everyone out there who prefer the other version. Conventions are a great place to style in it. Even expos are a good fit. Dragon’s sin of wraith at your service.


The alternate Meliodas outfit. Here we have:

  • The shirt and pants that serve as the starting line.
  • The coat that brings the original look from the second season.
  • The straps that are a must when it comes to the cosplay.

8.5Expert Score


Review:It brings in something new to the table. Sure, it is Meliodas. But completely different from the first Meliodas cosplay costume. It is pricey that’s for sure. But the quality and everything make up for it.



  • Great quality.
  • Copied perfectly.
  • Vibrant colors.


  • The straps might break.
  • Size problems.


It’s perfect for the Season 2 fans out there. This is what you’ve been waiting for. It shows everyone another look of the character. I mean everyone’s got their own choice after all.

Conventions would love to have it. Even expos are a great place for Anime costumes. With Seven Deadly Sins on a roll it’s a hot pick. Also, you’ll be bumping into all the other sins along with other characters. The quality makes up for the price as well. A great deal in my opinion.

The Sword:

This is what describes the character. The sword is a must. You want to pull off those sick moves. I can already tell you that. Getting it is the only way you can make that happen. Better get it quick so that you can start practicing. Practice makes perfect after all. Take the Meliodas costume to the next level.

The shoes:

Things are so close to completion. Let’s make them perfect together. The shoes are the last piece of the puzzle. Getting them would make everything perfect. Let’s seal the deal in style. Show off those parkour moves. Seven Deadly Sins cosplay outfit would shine at its best only then. Make Meliodas proud there in the anime world.

About Meliodas:

There’s a lot to the character. If you’ve only seen the first season then you know nothing. I mean literally nothing when it comes to the character. Being the Lion’s Sin of Wraith, you know what he’s capable of. Plus, with all those flashbacks and memories.

Things unfold in the most beautiful way possible. His fighting style is what makes him all the more unique. Using the hilt of the sword in the first season. Who does that? Sure, that’s replaced in the new seasons. But hey, we gotta stay true to the roots. Having trained Gilthunder and a bunch of others as well. The guy’s more than just a boy working at a random bar. Unleash the demon.

Meliodas cosplay tips:

Make sure you’ve a feel of the shoes. They might be hard to get used to. But keep at it and it’ll be alright. Also try all kinds of things with the sword. We’re going to make the character come to life.

The coat can be uncomfortable. Especially on a hot summer day. Better swap the second with the first Meliodas cosplay outfit. It’ll solve the problem. Be on the lookout for other sins. Make the gang complete. Be sure to take some pictures as well. We need memories.

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