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Men In Black Costume Guide

Mysterious, skilled and calculating, the Men in Black organization first appeared in the 1997 titular film, which follows the story of two secret agents hiding the existence of extraterrestrial aliens from the eyes of the public. This cheesy and thrilling sci-fi comedy inspired several follow-up films, an animated series and toys, just to name a few things.

Dressing up as the characters from the film has become a popular choice worldwide, and it’s no wonder – who wouldn’t want to be a shady and cool secret agent?

You can be one too with a Men in Black costume of your own for your next convention or party! Learn how to dress like Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) with our DIY guide for cosplay and Halloween.

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Items You Will Need to Complete the Costume

  • Sunglasses
  • Black Suit & Tie
  • Memory Wiping Device
  • Frank the Pug

Costume Ideas

MIB Men in Black Novelty ID Badge Prop Costume-F

Novelty ID Badge Hight Quality Print Id Badge measures 2.125" x 3.375" Comes with lanyard and ID clip

Men in Black Alien Attack - Neuralizer Toy Movie Replica - with Sound and Light Effects

Need some pesky memories to go away? This full size replica of the Men In Black neuralizer is just the thing! Measures 10 inches high and features pop up top section with sound and lights.

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How to Dress Like the Men in Black


The characters on Men in Black have well-kept, professional-looking hair. This is a simple style to give yourself. Run a comb through your hair and get rid of any loose strands or messy spots, and you’re good to go!


One of the distinctive features of the MiB agents’ outfits is their use of sunglasses. Their sweet shades may protect them from getting their memories wiped when using their memory wiping devices, or maybe they just wear them to look cool.

You can look too by grabbing a pair of black sunglasses to add to your costume.


As the film’s title suggests, Men in Black wear dark colors in sleek, classy attire. Black blazers, white dress shirts, black neckties and black pants, this stealthy suit combo has become a widely popular stereotype that instantly comes to mind whenever anybody thinks of a secret agent.

You can purchase these items online from retail websites, costume shops and Halloween stores. Smooth out any wrinkles in the clothing before wearing it. If you’re unsure how to tie a necktie, check out a video tutorial so you can get the hang of it before your upcoming convention.


Like any super-cool secret agent, Men in Black always have tricks up their sleeve. This includes their infamous “neuralyzers” and cricket guns, weapons which they use in the films.

To add some extra details to your costume, you’ll need a stylish black wristwatch and an opaque black pair of sunglasses. You can buy wristwatches from retail websites, jewellery stores and shopping malls.

Finally, purchase a pair of polished black dress shoes to wear on your feet. You can buy dress shoes from any footwear store or retail website.

Frank the Pug:

For a fun extra addition to your costume, buy a stuffed toy pug to carry with you. Frank the Pug is an alien informant in Men in Black who is disguised as a small pug dog. Frank is sometimes depicted wearing the same suit that the agents wear in the films.

You can find stuffed toy dogs online from retail websites as well as toy stores.

Get your friends to dress up as other MiB agents and alien characters from the films so you can hit the cosplay scene or go trick-or-treating as a secret team!