Minions Costumes For Adults And Kids

Soul Eater: Monotone Princess Franken Stein Cosplay Costume

Price: $105.99

Minions Costumes For Adults And Kids

Despicable Me was such a hit movie. It introduced Minions, characters we won’t be forgetting. The Minion costume is a treat for the fans.

Inflatable Minion costume:

Soul Eater: Monotone Princess Franken Stein Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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The Minion cosplay outfit is here for the fans. It brings in the exact feel of the movie. It’s perfect for all the expos out there. People would love to see the minions come to life.

I’m pretty sure it works well for cosplay parties too. That’s just the magic of minions. The adult inflatable Minion costume can go along with almost anything. I think the theme parties would love it as well.


Here we have an amazing Minion outfit. It features:

  • The same yellow color that made them such a hit.
  • The blue suit that’s there to bring you the complete experience.
  • The gloves that make you look like a minion the second you wear the adult Minion cosplay outfit.
8.5Expert Score
Review:You get the whole package. Everything there’s to a Minion you get here. It’s a great deal for all the fans out there. Plus it’s on a discount so better grab it quick.



  • Unique costume.
  • Accessories included.


  • Problems with inflation.


Minions literally took over the world the moment they came out. Each and everyone of us was a fan right away. All the movies are one of the best out there. I’m pretty sure all of you have watched them a couple of times now.

This Despicable Me costume is perfect for conventions. People would love to see a blast from the past. You’ll have all these people joking about all kinds of things. It’d be a great way to meet like-minded people. The Minion cosplay attire right here is unique as well. The inflatable feature is something that hasn’t been done so much. This makes it stand out even more. Plus it’s cheap as well making it easier for anyone to grab it. Get the whole squad ready with this adult Despicable Me outfit. I’m pretty sure you’ll have a memorable experience.

Adult Minion costume:

This is for everyone out there who want something different. This brings in something completely new to the table. Compared to the previous one this Minion cosplay outfit is different. It’s more of a natural costume. This is perfect for all the people who don’t want the inflatable feature.

It’s more like a normal version of the Minion costume. The colors and details are all there. It’s easy to use as well. Plus it won’t be a hassle to inflate it all the time. This makes things a lot easier. I think the fitting issues would be gone with this as well. It also comes up with all the accessories. You won’t have to look much for the rest of the stuff that way. Plus it’s cheaper compared to the one above. So if you’re looking for a more natural look then this is for you. Don’t look any further.

Purple Minion Costume:

This is perfect for people who want something completely different. It’s like a breath of fresh air, completely new. The purple color makes the most of the minions. This Minion fancy dress is perfect if you don’t like to go with the flow.

It’s perfect for all the conventions and expos out there. I think it works well with the whole cosplay parties as well. It has that creepy look to it. The details are copied really well. It makes you a rather different version of the Despicable Me we love.

It’s easy to use and looks good quality. Plus it’s got something different to offer which makes it a treat. All that with the fact that it’s cheap. I think it’s something all the fans out there should get. People would love to see something completely new. You’ll stand out compared to any other minion out there making it all the sweeter.

Child Despicable Me outfit:

This one’s for the kids. I’m pretty sure we’ve got fans who are kids. That’s just the charm of the whole theme of the movie. It wins the hearts of people all around the world.

This one’s perfect if you have a child who loves the movie as well. You two can pull off the best kids Minion costume. I’m pretty sure the duo would look great. A large minion walking alongside a small minion. People would love to take pictures of you two.

Kids love cosplay. This makes it all the better. It’s a perfect choice for a cosplay costume. It comes up with all the accessories and details. This makes it a great deal. It’d make any child’s day. You can also give it as a birthday present. I’m pretty sure it’s great for all the kids who love Despicable Me. It’d make the most beautiful smile in the world come up.

Little Girl Minion costume:

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? As if the minions weren’t that adorable enough to make you want to cuddle them. Again this is something different from what we’re used to see. It’s perfect for all the little girls out there. I’m pretty sure your daughter or sister loves those movies. With all DVD’s at home I’m pretty sure they’ve watched it a couple of times now.

It’s perfect if you’re taking your kids to a convention or expo. People would love to see this cute side to it. This cute side to the Minions dress. Also it’s something that stays true to the whole Despicable Me theme. It’s small and has that cuteness. It’d make the perfect picture complete. The whole family wearing the Minions cosplay outfit. Sounds like the perfect plan for me.

Baby Minions costume:

This one tops the charts. It’s like a perfect family vacation. The whole family in the Minions attire. I’m pretty sure the convention would be appreciating all of you. Also the expo would give you the best cosplay award in my opinion. Well deserved to say the very least.

It’s like the cutest thing ever. You’ll be proud of yourself that you got this for your kid. Everyone out there would love to take a picture with your kid. It comes up with all the details you could ask for. Plus it’s easy to wear and not anything super complicated.

It’s cheap as well making it a perfect deal. Even a couple of years from now it’d be the perfect memory. You couldn’t ask for a better family picture. It’d make the family album look the best one out there. That picture would make you happy even on a rainy day.

About Despicable Me:

The star of the Despicable Me movies, Minions are adorable. They bring in something completely new to the table. Also they make the movie all the more enjoyable. They’re speaking a completely different language. That makes it all the better. Also each and everyone of them are different from each other.

Some of them are like cyclops as well. They’re celebrations are a thing to watch as well. Jumping around all over the place. People just love watching them. The sweet thing is that we keep getting more and more of them. It’s like they know what we want to see.

Minions cosplay:

Make sure you try out the Minion cosplay outfit beforehand. It’d make it easier for each and every one of you. Also try to adjust the accessories in their perfect places. It’d make you pull off the exact look. Try to learn some of their poses and language.

It’d make the perfect Minion cosplay costume come to life. A family Despicable Me suit trip would be great. The pictures would be the perfect memory you could ever ask for. You’ll pull off the best Minions cosplay outfit to ever exist.

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