Mirio Togata Cosplay Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Academia Mirio Togata Cosplay Costume

Price: $139.99

Mirio Togata Cosplay Costume Guide

My Hero Academia keeps getting better. The last season was just amazing. Lemillion played a huge role in that season. Mirio Togata cosplay costume is something everyone wants.

Mirio Togata Costume Ideas

My Hero Academia Boku No Hero Academia Mirio Togata Golden Cosplay Wig

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Academia Mirio Togata Cosplay Costume

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

Mirio Togata costume:

Mirio Togata was that character. The character that you can’t help but remember for an eternity. He showed us what a true hero is. The Mirio Togata costume is perfect for expos. People would love some My Hero Academia. And the recent season at that as well.

Conventions would embrace you with open arms. Hell, even Overhaul would love to have a picture. That’s just how great of a person Mirio Togata is.


Here we have the Lemillion Hero outfit. It features:

  • The white shirt that goes well with those pants.
  • The cloak that transforms you into a superhero right away.
  • The gloves that make you look exactly like the character.
  • The green demarcation between the shirt and the pants. That sure captures the original look.
8.5Expert Score

Our Score:Lemillion?Hero was a wonderful character. With this Mirio Togata cosplay costume, you get a lot. Plus, it’s really well detailed. It’s pricey that’s for sure. But at the same time, it’s totally worth buying. You won’t be regretting it.

  • A lot offered.
  • Great quality.
  • 2 to choose from.
  • Size problems.
  • Cloak difficult to adjust to.


My Hero Academia fans couldn’t ask for more. This is what the recent season was all about. The Mirio Togata cosplay suit is a perfect fit. A perfect choice for any occasion out there. You can dress up in it almost everywhere. People would love to see the character out of the screen.

Carnivals work best for the Lemillion My Hero Academia cosplay costume. Conventions and expos would be filled with My Hero characters. Turn up in this to stand out all the more. Also, expos would be the perfect stage for it to shine on. You’re getting a lot with this deal. The details are all here and you couldn’t ask for anything more. Also, everything is copied really well. You wouldn’t be seeing another deal like this. Better show your love for the character and grab it.

Lemillion Jumpsuit:

Everyone wants more right? I mean that’s what the character is to blame for. This version of the Mirio cosplay costume is something else. It brings something new to the table.

The Lemillion Jumpsuit is a banger. A lot of people might prefer this look. Even conventions would love to see something different. Let the expos and parties see what the character is all about.


Here we have the Lemillion cosplay Jumpsuit. It features:

  • The jumpsuit that’s sure to make you Mirio hero in an instant.
  • All the details you could ask for.
  • The colors copied perfectly making the anime version look a little bland.
7.5Expert Score

Our Score:This Anime Jumpsuit, Perfect for people wanting the alternative version. Low on the price so that’s a plus. Also, it captures the character really well. Don’t miss out on this one.

  • Easy to use.
  • Good price
  • Detailed and Comfortable
  • Some minor problems such as unravelling next to the zipper.


Mirio sure made us remember the word hero once again. He was a fan favorite in an instant. This Lemellion Jumpsuit outfit makes it all the better. It gives us a lot to choose from. Being a Mirio Togata fan is hard.

Conventions are a perfect place for this Bnha Mirio Togata cosplay outfit. Themed parties would love to see it. A lot of characters would be turning up. Giving their all to stand out. We can’t let them steal the spotlight. With this, it won’t happen. Great quality offered for the price as well. It’s the best deal you can find on the internet.

About Mirio Togata:

Being a senior to Midoriya isn’t easy at all. Well with a quirk that gets you naked in an instant. That sure doesn’t sound so helpful now does it? But Mirio sure makes full use of it. Not in the bad way of course. True to his cause wanting to save everyone out there.

His resolve and perseverance is just on another level. You can’t help but appreciate the character. Plus, the way things ended between him and Overhaul. The character’s been through so much. The only way we can make it better is by showing him more love. Giving him the respect he deserves and making him more well known. The Lemillion My Hero Academia costume is perfect to make that happen.

Mirio Togata cosplay tips:

Make sure you try out the Jumpsuit before. It’s a new experience for all the new users out there. Better get used to it if you aren’t. Also, try to learn some lines and gestures when it comes to the character. Take the Mirio cosplay costume to the next level.

Make sure you get the Big Three in one place. I’m pretty sure they all would be there. No better place to chill than a convention or an expo. It’s like you’re on vacation. Make sure you adjust the cloak every few minutes.

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