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Best Cosplay at Montreal Comiccon 2017

Montreal Comic Con Cosplay 2017

From July 7 through July 9, cosplayers will be showing off their amazing cosplay at Montreal Comic Con, especially at the Masquerade scheduled for Saturday night at 8:30 PM. At the Masquerade cosplayers will be able to compete against each other to win awesome prizes. The Masquerade Awards will take place on Sunday. With what is sure to be strong competition, Cosplayers will really need to bring their A game to win fame and glory at Montreal Comic Con 2017.

But don’t let the fun end there… We will be posting the best cosplay of MCC 2017 as seen on Instagram. Check back frequently and vote for your favorite Montreal Comic Con cosplayers! Follow us on Instagram and share your favorite MCC cosplay photos with us so they can be featured here!

Go Go Montreal Comic Con Cosplay!

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#1 Splicers from Bioshock Cosplay in Montreal

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#6 Witcher Cosplay at Montreal Comic Con

#7 Spider-Man with Gwen Stacy Spider-Gwen Cosplay

#17 Kylo Ren Cosplay with 501st Legion at Montreal Comic Con

#33 Spidey and MJ Cosplay in Montreal

#43 Belle Cosplay at Montreal Comiccon

#50 Jack Sparrow Cosplay in Montreal

#52 Diablo Crusader Cosplay at Montreal Comiccon

#55 Starcraft Cosplay at Montreal Comiccon