Morton Salt Girl Costume Guide

Identity V Acrobat Mike Morton Bohea Halloween Cosplay Costume

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Morton Salt Girl Costume Guide

Morton Salt Girl Costume: DIY Guide

Originally created in 1911 as part of an advertising campaign by N.W Ayer & Company, this hundred-year-old mascot sporting her bright yellow raincoat and umbrella is still just as timeless as ever, and recently just got revamped for the social media realm!

More than just a simple stencil image, this girl has done it all, from popping up on huge urban billboards to being the subject of the book “I’m in Love With the Morton Salt Girl” by Richard Peabody. If you adore vintage fashion, retro imagery and good old-fashioned nostalgia, a costume like this is definitely perfect for your next convention or party!

Check the links below to make your own DIY Morton Salt Girl costume for cosplay and Halloween.

Morton Salt Girl Costume Ideas

Identity V Acrobat Mike Morton Bohea Halloween Cosplay Costume

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Identity V Acrobat Mike Morton Halloween Cosplay Costume

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Identity V Acrobat Mike Morton Puppet Halloween Cosplay Costume

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like the Morton Salt Girl


Cut in a classy and stylish yet simple bob, Morton Salt Girl’s hair is a cheerful lemon yellow color, and you can recreate this blast from the past yourself with a light blonde wig or some yellow hair dye. Shop online through costume websites or retail stores for a good wig, and buy a plastic wig cap to wear underneath so you can cover up your real hair beneath.

Makeup and Complexion:

Although the Morton Salt Girl doesn’t wear makeup, she is often depicted with long eyelashes and a pallid skin tone. You can use white cosmetic concealer and foundation to achieve this look, and a simple tube of black mascara or glue-on false eyelashes to complete it.


This little marketing icon is never seen without either her bright yellow dress or an equally yellow 1950’s-style raincoat. You can shop online to quickly find a good raincoat. If you’d prefer a dress, you can shop online for retro dresses (search for ones in the style between the 1950’s and 1970’s), and many costume websites and even large retail stores like Amazon and Etsy sell similar ones and replicas, too. You can also browse around at thrift stores and second-hand shops for a good dress, or sew one yourself using fabric from scratch.


To add the finishing touches to your costume, you’ll need a pair of yellow strap-on shoes, a large white rain umbrella with a bright yellow handle and a white canister of salt with a dark blue label. You can shop online or at your favorite shoe shop for the footwear, but remember to measure your shoe size first!

For the umbrella, check out places like Amazon or eBay, or hit your local thrift store or costume shop to find a good one. A beach umbrella will also work. To authenticate your costume for real, buy a can of Morton salt at the supermarket or online and carry it under your arm just like in the picture.

About Morton Salt Girl


When it rains, it pours.

Morton Salt Girl in Action

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