Ms. Frizzle Costume Guide

The Magic School Bus Miss Frizzle Costume

The Magic School Bus Miss Frizzle Costume

Ms. Frizzle Costume Guide

Any kid who grew up in the 1990’s, or who has access to the new 2017 Netflix version, will remember the wacky and lovable teacher Ms. Frizzle from the educational cartoon The Magic School Bus.

Based on a picture book series by author Joanna Cole, the TV series followed a classroom of different students and their magical teacher, who’d whisk them away on her magic yellow school bus to learn all about the world around them.

Since her first TV appearance in 1994, Ms. Frizzle is still just as popular today with young and old fans alike!

If you want to hop on the Magic School Bus all over again, there’s no better way than with a costume to celebrate!

Ms. Frizzle Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus


Ms. Frizzle (also affectionately dubbed “the Friz” by her beloved students) got her name based on her wildly frizzy red hair, which she keeps in a messy, unkempt bun to hold it back.

You can dye your own hair red to get a similar look, or use a cosplay wig. Keep an eye out for a really wavy-styled wig to add more authenticity to your costume. For the messy bun, use plain hair elastics to hold it in place.


Ms. Frizzle is depicted wearing light pink lipstick. You can buy lipstick from most cosmetic stores.


One of the coolest things about Ms. Frizzle is that her billowy old teacher’s dress changes with each episode to depict imagery and objects based on whatever her 4th grade class will be learning about that day!

Since the dress changes so often, it might be hard to pick a favorite design to mimic for your costume, but her most popular dress in the series is midnight blue in color, featuring white buttons, a white collar and a white belt around the waist, and it featured pictures of various stars and planets in the solar system.

Use a plain blue dress and paint the planets on with fabric paint.


To complete your costume, purchase a pair of red high-heeled shoes like Ms. Frizzle’s. You can get these at most shoe shops and retail websites.

Finally, pick up a pair of plastic earrings to add. Ms. Frizzle’s earrings, like her dress, change every day to reflect her lessons, but her most popular pairs included glow-in-the-dark green lightning bolts, orange plastic Saturn planets complete with rings, and purple seashell earrings for a day at the beach.

There’s a lot to choose from, so check out jewelry shops to see what you can find to give your costume the last finishing touch.