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Uncharted Nathan Drake Cosplay Costume


Nathan Drake is the main character of the Uncharted series of video games. He is a treasure hunter who visits exotic locales in search of treasure. He is a character in the same vein as Indiana Jones, another charismatic treasure seeker, only without the scholarly motive.

Nathan Drake Costume Ideas

Nathan Drake’s outfit is quite simple and utilitarian, which makes sense when you consider he is always on the run hunting for new treasures. But accessories play a really important part in any authentic Nathan Drake costume. So while you can have some variations as far as clothes it is important to have all the accessories available. Nate wears different clothing for different games so you have some leeway here.

Read below to learn how to dress like Nathan Drake from Uncharted for cosplay or halloween.

How to Dress Like Nathan Drake from ‘Uncharted’


Jeans and a long-sleeved shirt area must. You can wear any blue jeans or brown cargo pants (for a desert outfit). As far as the shirt is concerned, you can choose between a white and a brown one. And don’t forget about desert combat boots.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a real pair of military boots, you can wear other shoes that come close in appearance. A pair of dark sneakers or trainers will work if you don’t want to spend a fortune on the real boots.

These items are a close match for Nathan Drake’s Uncharted 3 look:

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Nathan Drake wears a circular diving watch. You can also combine it with a leather wrist band. This is a close match for your cosplaying needs:

Ring Necklace:

Nate never goes anywhere without the ring of Sir Francis Drake – his ancestor. So it is essential that the ring is part of a costume. A plain steel ring will do in this case. You will also need to tie a ring to a leather cord to create a necklace.

This expertly crafted cosplay prop is a perfect addition to your Nathan Drake costume.


If you decided to go with Nathan Drake’s desert costume, don’t forget a shemagh – middle-eastern desert scarf. The following shemagh is almost identical to the one Drake uses in Uncharted 3.

Brown Belt:

It won’t probably be hard to find a leather brown belt somewhere in your wardrobe. And if you don’t have one, it is the right time to get it. This leather belt should do the trick!

Leather Cuff:

Drake is often portrayed as wearing a brown leather cuff around his wrist. You can find an almost identical cuff below.

Big Belt Buckle:

Throughout the game, the a symbol on his belt buckle varies from one game to another. As for the costume, you can get anything that will look bulky and will roughly match the look. In the game, the symbols were crossbones and a skull, a horseshoe design or a shell pattern. If you can buy something that will not cost a fortune then go for it.

This buckle replica prop is a great option for Nathan Drake cosplay.

Gun Holster:

Since Nathan Drake always wears a gun holster it is an irreplaceable part of your costume. Don’t forget to get a fake gun to go with it. Try this one on for size!

Military ‘L-Shaped’ Flashlight:

The flashlight should be attached to your holster. The way this flashlight is designed it is supposed to match a military style so you won’t have many variations on that. Here is a genuine L-Shaped flashlight which will go perfectly with this costume.


And don’t forget about your hair! Nathan Drake has short hair and a spiked up fringe. It is quite easy to style it using some gel or wax. To achieve a complete Nathan Drake look, don’t shave for a few days to get that scruffy look.


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About Nathan Drake


“You just count to five and pull the cord. How hard could that be? AHHHHHH! Onetwothreefourfive!

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