Natsuki Subaru Cosplay Costumes Guide

Uta No Prince-Sama Exclusive Music Natsuki Shinomiya Cosplay Costume

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Natsuki Subaru Cosplay Costumes Guide

Re: Zero, one of those anime series. The anime that was super gucci from the get-go. It featured Isekai elements unlike ever before. The main character Natsuki Subaru was unique through and through. This makes the Natsuki Subaru cosplay costume a favorite.

Natsuki Subaru Costume :

Uta No Prince-Sama Exclusive Music Natsuki Shinomiya Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Doki Doki Literature Club! DDLC Natsuki Pink Cosplay Wig

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

Kamen Rider Revice Aguilera Hana Natsuki Cosplay Costume

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Let’s turn back time. Go all the way to the beginning. Going back home after getting your hands on a game. We all been there. Ready to invest all those hours into the game.

This Natsuki Subaru costume delivers that very message. The message that video games are something so great. It makes you find peace and solace in this world. A world where everyone’s forgotten about those words.

It’s a perfect choice for all the expos and conventions.


I present to you the exact Natsuki Subaru cosplay costume. It’s the very same one that had us ransacking the internet. It features:

  • The casual jacket that we see in our everyday life. It’s like one that’s so ordinary that it’s barely noticeable now. But the trio of colors right here makes it special.
  • The bottom that is continuous with the top. It makes it look like they’re the same thing while they aren’t. A perfect finish to the simplest outfit out there. The Re Zero Natsuki Subaru outfit is one of a kind.


  • The colors seem to be copied really well delivering their vibrant feels.
  • It looks like something that would stand the test of time.


  • The yellow color doesn’t feel like it’s from the anime. Like it’s a different shade.


Re: Zero fans are all over the place. People loved that show and have rewatched it over and over again. It’s a show that redefined the Isekai genre. Added all these new elements to it. The characters, all of them were one of a kind. It made every one of them stand out.

Natsuki Subaru cosplay suit is something you can’t miss out on. It gives us that Isekai taste here in the real world. Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this is your pocket pick. Re zero is super gucci and people would love to have you there. Be on the lookout for Rem and Rin as well. A group photo would be simply marvelous.

Natsuki Subaru Suit:

All suited up, throw the casual look out of the window. I never could see Subaru seriously. It’s just not his thing. But this Re Zero cosplay outfit made me think otherwise.

It makes the character look graceful. It’s perfect to go to these maid cafe’s and tea parties. I’m sure you’d look like you have dressed for the occasion. But you’re simple pulling off the cosplay. Talk about being clever.


This Natsuki Subaru suit from the anime showed us a new side. A new look of the character that we weren’t expecting. Just like the anime, the Re Zero costume attire features:

  • The same baron look that is a good addition to that universe. It feels like it had everything from those old magical times. But it was missing a monarch, a baron. And we’d gladly let Subaru handle that post.
  • The brown and the white underneath. It keeps us hoping for him to take off his upper suit. Just to see that brown and white combination running all around. Imagine wanting to look at Natsuki Subaru. This Natsuki Subari costume sure made us think differently.


  • The Re Zero cosplay outfit has this gleam to it that’s preserved here as well.
  • They look like their high quality and would last a while.


  • You’ll have to be extra careful not to dirty it in any way since they have that classy look to it. And classy clothes sure get dirty easily.


Natsuki Subaru fans, assemble. This is what you all have been waiting for. It’s got everything you could ask for.

Even if you have a date or something, this would make you look super gucci. It’s something that would bring the man inside of you.

Actually I have the perfect plan. You can dress up as him and the girl can dress up as Emilia. Perfect date.

The conventions and expos would be full of Rem and Rin. Those characters are super popular while Natsuki is ignored most of the time. The Natsuki Subaru cosplay outfit sure comes handy right here. You can get pictures with all kinds of Rem and Rin. It’s like a dream come true to have that much female attention. Tea parties are perfect for these Re Zero cosplay suit.

Natsuki Subaru Story:

A boy and his undying love for video games. Life was so simple before that night. Getting teleported into this video game world sounds fun and sweet. But all that glitters is not gold. At first, he pays no heed to it but he’s soon shown what he’s in for. He’s to embark on a quest that would change his life forever. The search for answers has never been so dramatic and fun.

Natsuki Subaru Cosplay Tips:

Make sure you practice some imitations of the character. That would make you look like the actual character. Make size adjustments since last-minute changes never end well. We all know that. Do the hair like him as well. Even in that classy Natsuki Subaru cosplay costume.

We are staying true to the character. Also, be sure to get some pictures with other Re zero characters. Keep all this in mind and you’ll pull off one great Natsuki Subaru.

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