No Face Spirited Away Costume Guide

Elden Ring White-Faced Varre Cosplay Costume

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No Face Spirited Away Costume Guide

Spirited Away is one of the best anime movies ever. Not only in anime but all of entertainment history. I’m sure any non-anime fan also recognizes it. It’s so big that it’s broken so many records. Featuring all sorts of characters, it’s a gem. Kaonashi or No face is truly one that stands out. This makes No Face costume cosplay one of a kind.

No Face Costume:

Elden Ring White-Faced Varre Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Sally Face Sal Fisher Halloween Blue New Edition Cosplay Wig

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

Elden Ring White-Faced Varre Cosplay Accessory Prop

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No Face costume is really a banger. I remember people devising all ways and means back then. Back in the past having one was a must. A must for all the Spirited Away fans. It’s perfect for a No Face cosplay outfit. Conventions and expos can get a lot from it.A lot of fans both old and new would be all over you.


Here we have the exact No Face cosplay costume. It’s perfectly brought to life from the movie. Spirited Away is loved by everyone. Having fans of all ages, it’s one of a kind. The No Face Spirited Away costume is truly special and unique. It’s perfect to put yourself out there as a true fan. It will draw a lot of attention since it’s super gucci. Since day 1 at that as well. The No Face costume comes along with:

  • The whole black robe. It looks a bit like the one from the scream movie. This makes it reminiscent of that as well. But we all know that Spirited Away is in a league of it’s own. It has that spooky look to it. But we all know how sweet the character was. The black robe is just like the one in the anime.
  • The mask that captures everything in the best way. The white and purple go well with each other. This makes it look just like the one in the movie. All this truly makes the No Face Spirited Away costume one of a kind. It’s one people just can’t miss out on one. All of us are suckers for the movie. One of the best ever for sure.


  • The exact cosplay outfit from the movie.
  • The Spirited Away feel is kept alive.
  • The colors and everything makes the character come to life.
  • It looks easy to use and goes by.
  • It brings the best out of the character.


  • It looks like it’ll be a bit uncomfortable with the mask.
  • It will be difficult to communicate as well.


Spirited Away is one of the best things ever. It’s the movie that brought anime to the world. It’s one of those anime. Those anime that introduced the word anime. It featured a lot of adorable characters. The imagination was all over the place. Sure we have Sen and Ryu. But no one can’t deny that No Face is someone who made the movie. Made is shine the way it did.

This makes the No Face cosplay costume fit for a lot of occasions. Whether it be a convention or an expo, it’s got you. It’s best for themed parties as well. You can also scare some kids in it. It has that spooky look to it for the people not familiar with the movie. But that’s pretty rare considering how big it is.

The fans would be all over you. It’s been super gucci ever since the movie came out. The No Face Spirited Away cosplay costume is one you can’t miss out on. It’s for everyone out there not playing any favorites.

No-Face Story:

Being someone all alone out there. In the pouring rain, just standing there. Sen, the kind girl sees him and brings him inside. She thinks of him as a customer. No Face or Kaonashi is not one who’d forget any kind deed. The spirit is mesmerized by Sen. By the kindness she exhibits and manifests. Kaonashi gives him gold, more and more of it. But our girl has a true heart that knows no greed. Being the secondary antagonist of the show, Kaonashi plays quite a role in it. The movie has an interesting turn of events because of it.

The spirit also accompanies Sen to save Ryu. Always looking out for her.

No Face Cosplay Tips:

Make sure to rewatch the movie. It’ll make you understand the character a lot better. Moreover, try some signature poses and the voices he makes throughout the movie. It’ll bring out the best of the character. You should also walk around in it.

This will make the possibility of you tripping over something to a minimum. Also, try to find Sen out there so that you might be able to repeat. Repeat some iconic scenes from the movie. Keep that in mind and you’ll pull off the best No face cosplay outfit out there.

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