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Peter Pan Costume Guide

Peter Pan Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Peter Pan Costume: DIY Guide

One of arguably the most beloved and endearing animated characters of all time, the boy who never grows up has been enchanting movie-goers for decades. Peter Pan is the hero of most of the bedtime stories Wendy Darling shares with her brothers, but when he shows up in real-life to take them away to Never-Never Land, they aren’t sure what to believe! Along with his pixie pal Tinker Bell, Peter protects the Lost Boys from the dastardly pirate Captain Hook, keeping them safe. What better way to impress your friends at your next cosplay convention than with a Peter Pan costume of your own?

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Peter Pan costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Peter Pan Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Peter Pan


Peter Pan’s has an auburn hair color with a fringe of bangs ending just over his eyes. He wears an emerald green pointed fabric cap with a bright red feather sticking out from the top.

To recreate this iconic look for your costume, you’ll need to either dye and style your own hair or purchase a wig.

For Peter Pan’s hat, you can purchase one from a costume website or Halloween shop, or sew your own using green fabric and matching thread. You can easily find large red feathers from any craft store or retail website. Use hot glue or thread to hold it down to the hat. When choosing the right feather, look for a stiff one that stands upright.


Peter has wide, bright eyes and elvin features on his face to accent his fairy-tale innocence. Use an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and contouring kit to achieve a similar look, and check out video makeup tutorials if you need help mastering Peter’s style.

Peter Pan Makeup Tutorial:


Peter Pan wears a simple light green smock down to his thighs with a triangular pattern on the bottom hem and sleeves. It also has a folded-down collar.

This is a simple look to achieve with only two colors of fabric needed if you’d like to take a sewing together a Peter Pan costume.

He also wears emerald green leggings that match the color of his hat. You can use anything from yoga pants to green spandex pantyhose for this look, which you can purchase from any clothing website, shopping mall or retail store.


To finish off your Peter Pan costume, you’ll need a pair of brown pointy-toed moccasins for your feet, a brown belt with a fake sword at the side, and a set of pointy costume elf ears just like Peter’s.

You can use brown slippers, flats or socks if you want, or use brown leather fabric to sew your own moccasins. Check out what’s available online and look for a pair with pointed toes like Peter’s.

For the sword and belt, any plastic sword or knife with a holster will work. Browse around online costume websites and Halloween shops to see what you can find, or make your own from foam or recycled plastic.

Last but not least, you’ll need Peter’s elf ears. You can find fake costume ears online or from most Halloween stores, which will fit right over your own real ears.

Get a friend to dress up as Wendy Darling so you can both have an enchanting time together at your next cosplay or Halloween event.

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Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.

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