Piccolo Cosplay Costume Guide

Dragon Ball Piccolo Familiar IMP Uniform Cloth Combined Leather Costume

Price: $116.99

Piccolo Cosplay Costume Guide

Dragon Ball z is one of the best anime out there. It features a ton of characters. Piccolo is surely one that stands out. The Piccolo cosplay costume is out of this world.

Piccolo costume:

Dragon Ball Piccolo Familiar IMP Uniform Cloth Combined Leather Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Piccolo has always been that cool character. He’s been styling since day one. But at the same time he’s got the power. The skill to back it up. This Piccolo outfit brings back the nostalgia.

It’s got everything a fan could ask for. The conventions and expos would love to see it. It would make everyone out there a kid once again.


Here the exact Piccolo suit. It features:

  • The same purple that was a signature. Moreover, later on it was adopted by Gohan as well. A perfect master and student combo.
  • The waist sash that adds another color to the mix making things all the better.
  • The green interlock sleeves that bring in the exact look. They make things a lot easier since they feature all the details. No need to come up with them yourself.

9Expert Score


Review:Piccolo cosplay attire should be hard to pull off. I mean no one wants to cover himself in paint. But this right here is the solution. It’s easy to use and brings in the exact look. Perfect for the fans I’d say.



  • Well detailed.
  • Great quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great for the price.


  • Floppy guards and turban.
  • The zipper at the back breaks easily.


If you’re a Namekian fan then this is for you. This is something that you’ve been waiting for. Dragon Ball was such a hit back then. I’m pretty sure a lot of people still watch it. This makes the Piccolo cosplay costume worth it.

Namek fans couldn’t ask for anything more. The Piccolo cosplay outfit right here features everything. You’ve got all the details and it’s easy to use. It makes a perfect convention cosplay. Also, Dragon Ball z has been kind of forgotten these days. This is your perfect chance to make everyone remember it again. Style in the Namekian attire. People would love to see a wild Piccolo appearing out of nowhere. You’re getting all there is when it comes to the character. You can’t miss out on this one.

About Piccolo:

Heis a character that’s been a part of the show since the beginning. He’s a character who was a villain. But in the next series was there on the good side. He contributed a lot when it came to the characters. He was the only master a lot of them had. Gohan and the kids are the way they are because of him. He tries to act tough but has a good heart.

After fusing with Kame, he becomes one of the top characters. Of course, when it comes to the power levels. From Planet Namek, he sure brings something new to the table. Not one to underestimate since he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

The only character to destroy the moon as well. He’s that ‘cool’ guy when it comes to Dragon Ball. Plus, that voice acting makes it all the better.

Piccolo cosplay:

Make sure to try everything out before. It’s a unique Piccolo costume after all. Also make sure the accessories are all there. Look up some signature poses when it comes to the character. Some lines would help as well. That would make the pictures look really good. Also, be on the lookout for Goku and the others.

That would make a great family reunion. Use your phone screen to adjust the Piccolo cosplay outfit. This would make it look perfect. Keep all that in mind and you’ll pull off the best Dragon Ball z Piccolo cosplay.

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