Quailman Costume Guide

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Quailman Costume

Quailman Costume Guide

Quailman Costume: DIY Guide

Most nineties kids will remember the iconic animated Nicktoons TV show, Doug, in which the title character narrates tales from his everyday life for his journal. Lots of these tales include sequences from Doug’s imagination… and that’s where the oddly-named Quailman comes in.

Quailman is Doug’s alter ego, about whom Doug writes comics based on his adventures. He has a sidekick, Quail-dog, who is based on Doug’s dog, Porkchop. Quailman has all your standard superhero skills: super speed, super strength, and the ability to fly.

If you were a fan of ‘Doug’ on Nickelodeon, then seize the opportunity to re-enact your youth with a Quailman costume for a cosplay or halloween party or event with our DIY Quailman costume guide.

Check out the links below to put together your own Quailman costume for cosplay or halloween.

Quailman Costume Ideas

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Quailman Costume Breakdown


Quailman has no hair, so if you’re folically-challenged yourself, you’ve got a head start here (no pun intended). Otherwise, it’s a case of reaching for the razor, donning a bald cap, or just skipping the hair thing altogether.


The Quailman costume may be one of the easiest superhero outfits to imitate. He wears an olive green sweater or long sleeved top and khaki shorts. The top has a capital letter ‘Q’ emblazoned in red across it which you can easily replicate with some red tape or cut-out cloth. He wears a pair of tighty whitey underpants over top of the khaki shorts.


When it comes to Quailman’s footwear, it’s once again pretty simple. Grey sneakers, such as Converse low tops, are perfect. Wear these with a pair of white socks, and you’re done!

Other Accessories:

With most superheroes, the accessories are, most certainly, where it’s at. Quailman is no different, and his unmistakeable brown belt fastened around the forehead is what will make you instantly recognizable. That and, well, the tighty whiteys, of course.

The belt itself is all well and good, but if you want to take your Quailman authenticity one step further, that loose bit of belt needs to rise up in the centre of your head and flop over at the top. In case you were wondering what that’s all about, it’s to look like a quail’s distinctive head plumage, of course. To keep your Quailman plumage in place, try securing it with a piece of bendy wire.

Along with the oddly-placed belt, Quailman also wears a sheet or blanket as a cape. This cape is bright red, to match the Q on his sweater, with white trim.

If you really want to accessorize your Quailman costume to the max, then why not include his faithful sidekick, Quail-dog? Whether you bring along your own beloved pooch, persuade a friend to get furry, or take a plush dog along with you, adding Quail-dog to your Quailman costume is a nice finishing touch.

To get the Quail-dog sidekick just right, your furry friend should also wear a brown belt around his head, a giant Q across his chest, and a red blanket with white trim as a cape.


At a costume party full of DC and Marvel superheroes, standing out from the crowd in your Quailman costume is pretty much guaranteed. If you value the comedy factor, and want to express your love for nineties Nickelodeon classics, then now’s your chance. Just make sure those tighty whiteys are nice and clean before you go getting them out in public!

About Quailman


Remember kids, the Quail-call is NOT a toy!

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