Rainbow Brite Costume Guide

Rainbow Brite Adult Costume

Rainbow Brite Adult Costume

Rainbow Brite Costume Guide

Rainbow Brite is on a mission to take on the dark and grey and replace it with all things cheerful, bright, and colorful! She is remembered best from her 80’s television series, which has been rebooted multiple times since then, making this ROYGBIV-clad supergirl an integral part of many people’s childhood and beyond. 

Rainbow Brite is hard to miss; she is super bright and has all the colors of the rainbow displayed in her outfit. She has strawberry blond hair tied up in a ponytail with a pink ribbon and a short, predominantly blue dress with a magical rainbow star belt around her waist. Her sleeves look like the doughnut-shaped colorful stacking toys for babies and her big moon boots carry a similar feel. 

Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Short Blue Dress
  • Long-Sleeved Rainbow-Striped Shirt
  • Long Rainbow-Striped Socks
  • Rainbow Star Belt
  • Colorful Shoes
  • Optional: Stick-Horse / Twink the Sprite Plush Toy

Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Rainbow Brite


Rainbow Brite’s hair is strawberry blond, but you could just wear your own hair up in a ponytail. She also has long bangs, which is also something to consider. Her hair twists into ringlets at the end, so try using a curling iron to get that bouncy effect.

Use a colorful piece of ribbon and tie a bow around it. Cut out a paper star or buy a button shaped like one and hot glue it to the center of the bow. Lightly draw a little star on the highest part of your cheek bone under your left eye, or look for a silver star sticker or temporary tattoo to place there. 


Try to find a rainbow-striped shirt to wear underneath a sleeveless royal blue dress. You could most easily find the rainbow shirt online and department stores might carry an above-the-knee blue dress.

You can also safety pin or sew white trim to the bottom like Rainbow Brite’s dress. Look for a long red strip of fabric or a red belt to fasten at the waist and find an image of the rainbow and star from her belt online, print it out, cut it out, and attach it to the fabric or belt in the center. 

Socks / Shoes:

Purchase some knee-length rainbow-striped socks. These in combination with colorful sneakers will give the impression of Rainbow Brite’s colorful boots. 

Twink the Sprite Plush:

If you would like to add some more characters as props to your costume you could buy a little plush Twink, which is Rainbow Brite’s little sprite friend, or if you can find a white stick-horse (the sticks that have a horse head at the end and you pretend to ride it) you could put a yellow star on its forehead and maybe add some rainbow clip-on hair extensions and call it Starlite! 

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