Ron Burgundy Costume Guide

Deluxe Ron Burgundy Costume Suit

Deluxe Ron Burgundy Costume Suit

Ron Burgundy Costume Guide

Anchorman: DIY Cosplay Guide

Spray on some ‘Sex Panther’ cologne and get ready to stay classy with a Ron Burgundy costume at your next cosplay convention or Halloween party.

In the Will Ferrell comedy classic Anchorman, Ron Burgundy is the lead anchor of Channel 4 Action News in San Diego in the 1970s who struggles to deal with changes in the industry when a woman becomes his co-anchor. Hilarity ensues!

Check out the links below to get costume ideas on how to dress up as San Diego’s finest Anchorman!

Ron Burgundy Costume Ideas

How to Dress Like Ron Burgundy from ‘Anchorman’


If you’ve ever looked through a retro photo album, you probably know that the 1970’s was a weird time for hair. Ron’s bushy brown doo with thick sideburns and mustache is no exception.

To get this vintage up-do for your costume, you can style your own hair or wear a brown wig. See if you can find a wig with the same thick look and sideburns as Ron Burgundy!
For the mustache, you can purchase a fake stick-on one from an online costume website or party supply store, or try to grow your own.

Anchorman Suit:

As all great anchormen have in their line of work, Ron wears a suit and tie, but with a little 70s flair. Ron Burgundy is known for wearing his appropriately burgundy colored suit.

To get the look of Ron’s suit, search through vintage clothing stores for a red or burgundy suit, a light blue or white dress shirt for underneath and last but not least his necktie, which is striped in various muted shades of blue, brown, black and white.


To finish off your Anchorman costume, you’ll need a pair of brown loafers. You can order these online from most major retail websites or you can check out what’s available at your local shoe store.

For an extra spark of authenticity, purchase a Channel 4 coffee mug or prop news microphone to carry with you.

To pull off the cosplay, you’ll need to get in character! Practice some of Ron Burgundy’s most memorable quotes and get your friends to dress up as members of the Channel 4 Action News team.

About Ron Burgundy


You stay classy San Diego!

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