Roronoa Zoro Cosplay Costumes Guide

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Green Cosplay Costume

Roronoa Zoro Cosplay Costumes Guide

One Piece even after more than 20 years is still going strong. That just shows how much the show has to offer. But the first member to join Luffy’s crew, Zoro, is someone special. He’s special in that he’s been with us since day one. This makes Roronoa Zoro costume one that’ll bring in the nostalgia.

Roronoa Zoro Costume:

One Piece Onigashima Roronoa Zoro Cosplay Costume

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Zoro has always been a cool character. Throughout the show, We’ve known more and more about him. He’s one of the best out there when it comes to giving directions.

The Roronoa Zoro cosplay outfit since day one has been stylish. It has that old look to it but stays true to the bushido style. This makes it something the conventions and expos would look out for.


Here we have the Roronoa Zoro cosplay costume from the anime. This is the time skip Zoro that came all buffed up. Of course he was a beast even before that but the eye’s not the only thing missing here. The Roronoa cosplay suit comes along with:

  • The green that gives a better contrast to the green on his head. It stays true to the theme of the show. That being to deliver the message of people travelling the seven seas. It has that sailor look to it but we all know he’s a samurai through and through.
  • The red cloth that serves as a belt. This is so Zoro like since the guy would spend money on food and booze. He ain’t one who’d dress to impress. But his worst is better than the best of most of the people out there.
  • The buttons that have this unique touch to them. They look nothing like the ones we normally see. This makes the Zoro One Piece Costume stand out from the get-go. Moreover, They blend in well with the whole look. This makes things move a step closer to perfection.


  • The time skip feel is here. The Roronoa Zoro outfit is copied pretty well from head to toe.
  • The cloth looks like it’ll be comfortable to wear even while unbuttoned. That’s how he wears it after all.
  • The belt isn’t any complicated stuff which is usual for the belts when it comes to anime characters.


  • The buttons look hard to deal with since it’s a style we aren’t usually familiar with.
  • The color is a bit off when placed side to side with the anime version. This prevents the Roronoa cosplay outfit from shining at it’s best.


One Piece fans are all over the world. Everyone has been catching up to the show. We all know that it’ll be a long journey but we’re sure to arrive at our destination one day. Let’s have faith in ourselves.

I’m sure a lot of people know about Zoro. Everyone’s seen him on the internet. He looks cool and brings in the adventure bushido look to the table. One that’s not been used much even considering all the shows out there. This makes him stand out as a character everyone would love to cosplay in.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo this is your best bet. This is something that people would recognize from a far. A lot of people would be coming your way so don’t get nervous all of a sudden. Take a deep breath and everything will be okay.

Sure the previous version of the Zoro one piece cosplay costume was cool. But this one takes it to the next level. The reason being since it came with all these buffs. If you want the complete look, it’s here for you to wear and style in.

Roronoa Zoro Swords:

You got everything you needed. You’re looking at the mirror and all you see is Roronoa. But you feel like something’s missing. Like something’s not right. Something’s not in it’s right place.Yes, the sword. The swords are a vital element of his character. It’s safe to say that the Roronoa Zoro cosplay dress is incomplete without them. He’s been slicing a lot of people since day one. We’ve seen a lot of sword styles using one, two or all three of his swords.

If the sword is not there, the One Piece Zoro cosplay costume is far from complete. Better get the sword but don’t start slicing people out there. That’s bad manners and no one would like it. Even if you see a villain, don’t lose control.

It’ll bring the best out of your Zoro cosplay outfit. It’ll be the best thing the conventions and expos have ever seen before.

Roronoa Zoro Story:

Having come from a village where the art of the blade was everything, Zoro didn’t have much. He learnt swordplay all day and practiced the entire night. He looked up to this girl who was his master’s daughter. She was strong and made him look pretty weak at times. But time and fate are not everyone’s friend now are they?

Becoming strong is the only thing that matters to him. Having pledged loyalty to Monkey D Luffy, he’s someone who never backs down from anyone. He’s with his captain through and through. The best comrade you could ask for.

Roronoa Zoro Personality:

Zoro is usually cool and calm and won’t draw his blade unless it’s needed. He isn’t a stray beast who’d slice anything that’d come his way.

He cares much about food and booze. Women don’t attract him even a bit. He constantly trains during his time at the ship. He’s always on the search for a new techniques that would help his crew. Truly a samurai at heart.

One Piece Zoro Cosplay Tips:

Make sure you do the eye thing right. This is the time skip version of the Roronoa Zoro cosplay costume. It’ll look perfect if you keep that in mind.

Moreover, be sure to look at some sword techniques. That would make the photography something you won’t be forgetting for an eternity to come.

Also, make sure that you do the hair right. The color should be exactly the one that Zoro wears. Keep all that in mind and you’ll bring the best Roronoa has to offer.