Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon has a large number of characters, which makes it perfect for cosplay. Here are just some of the most iconic characters from this series:

Sailor Moon was a popular anime during the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was about a girl who led a group called the Sailor Guardians in guarding the “Legendary Silver Artifact” and preventing the destruction of the world and the rest of the solar system. It ran for 8 seasons with four succeeding movies.
Have you ever considered bringing the characters from this iconic anime show to life with cosplay? Or are you curious about what it takes to bring these beloved characters to life in costume form? The Sailor Moon costumes were stylized Japanese schoolgirl uniforms, along with tiaras and scepters. There were differences in color among the different characters.

Popular Characters from Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon has a large number of characters, which makes it perfect for cosplay. Here are just some of the most iconic characters from this series:
Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
Usagi Tsukino is the main protagonist of the series. She is a bubbly and clumsy teenage girl with a big appetite and a love for sleep. As a member of the Sailor Scouts, Usagi possesses magical powers that she uses to battle against evil forces. You will need her iconic white dress with blue accents, a long blonde wig, the Odango hairstyle, and a moon crescent brooch to cosplay as Usagi. In this photo, @jiniecos beautifully portrays Usagi Tsukino, capturing her spirit and charm. Usagi’s character is beloved for her kind heart, determination, and ability to unite people. She serves as an inspiration for many with her unwavering courage and loyalty to her friends. Cosplaying as Usagi allows fans to immerse themselves in her magical world and celebrate her as a beloved character.

Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury)

Ami Mizuno is a prominent character among the Sailor Scouts, a group of magical girls. She stands out as a brilliant and academically gifted girl with a profound love for reading books. To embody her through cosplay, you will need several key elements. An indigo leotard is the foundation, complemented by a blue mini skirt for a stylish touch. Knee-high boots add a touch of sophistication, while a blue choker completes the outfit. Lastly, remember the tiara adorned with the symbol of Mercury, her planetary namesake. Here we have @TheLastBlackMoon showcasing their amazing Ami Mizuno cosplay, truly capturing the essence of this beloved character.

Rei Hino (Sailor Mars)

Rei Hino is a prominent member of the Sailor Scouts, known for her fiery temper and passionate nature. She is a skilled warrior and an accomplished shrine maiden who devotes her time to her duties at her grandfather’s shrine. To accurately cosplay as Rei, you will need a few essential items. Start with a vibrant red and green leotard that captures her distinctive style. Remember to pair it with knee-high boots to complete the iconic look. Enhance your transformation with a long blonde wig, mimicking her flowing locks, and top it off with a tiara adorned with the Mars symbol, representing her planetary association. Now, dive into the world of Sailor Moon cosplay and enjoy the fantastic portrayal of Rei Hino by the talented @nooneenoni!

Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter)

Makoto Kino is an influential member of the Sailor Scouts, known for her strength and leadership skills. Her signature outfit consists of a green leotard, skirt, and knee-high boots to complete the look. A long brown wig adorned with ribbons is also essential, capturing her wild beauty and sharp sense of style. You should also carry a tiara with the Jupiter symbol to bring her to life. Here, the talented cosplayer LiKovacs portrays Makoto Kino with stunning accuracy and grace. Her portrayal perfectly captures all of Makoto’s qualities, from her fierce sense of justice to her gentle heart and passionate spirit.

Minako Aino (Sailor Venus)

Minako Aino, also known as Sailor Venus, is a beloved member of the Sailor Scouts. Her signature style is a yellow and orange leotard with knee-high boots paired with an iconic blonde wig styled into two buns on either side of her head. Finally, complete the look with an ornate tiara adorned with the symbol of Venus. This fantastic cosplay shows the talented artist @JaharaJayde capturing Minako’s unique characteristics. From her bubbly personality to her courageous heart and unwavering loyalty to her friends, this cosplay brings Minako Aino to life!

Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto)

Setsuna Meioh, also known as Sailor Pluto, is one of the most potent and mysterious members of the Sailor Scouts. To accurately cosplay as Setsuna, you will need a few key items. Start with a military-style green dress that reaches just above the knee, paired with knee-high boots for an iconic look. Remember to style your hair into a bun, like Setsuna does in the show. Finally, accessorize with a tiara adorned with the Pluto symbol and a staff that captures her mysterious nature. Here we have a fantastic cosplay from the artist Giulee, who has perfectly captured Setsuna’s unique characteristics, from her dedicated attitude to her sense of strength and power. Cosplaying as Setsuna is a great way to honor this beloved character and show appreciation for her strength and courage.

Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn)

Hotaru Tomoe, known as Sailor Saturn, is a unique and compelling figure among the Sailor Scouts. Her character is marked by her powers of destruction and rebirth, distinguishing her from the other Scouts. To cosplay as Hotaru, one needs a purple leotard, knee-high boots, and a pair of white gloves. You’ll also need a short, black wig styled into a bob cut to mirror Hotaru’s memorable hairstyle. A tiara bearing the Saturn symbol and a glaive, Hotaru’s weapon of choice, complete the look. Seen here is the talented paugomezojeda, whose portrayal of Hotaru is both accurate and full of personality, bringing out the unique charm and power of Sailor Saturn. This cosplay is a tribute to the character’s resilience, mystery, and incredible strength.

Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) and Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus)

Fans of Sailor Moon will remember the iconic relationship between Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenou, also known as Sailors Neptune and Uranus. To cosplay them together, you’ll need two navy leotards with knee-high boots for each one. Also, remember the three-pronged tiaras adorned with the Neptune and Uranus symbols. Haruka’s signature hairstyle should be styled with a short, blonde wig, while Michiru’s long green hair should be done with a matching wig. As you can see in this beautiful cosplay from TheCarebearFag, these two characters are truly brought to life in all their beauty and grace. From their powerful bond to their undeniable courage, cosplaying as Michiru and Haruka is an incredible way to honor this cherished relationship.

Chibiusa Tsukino (Sailor Chibi Moon)

Chibiusa Tsukino, also known as Sailor Chibi Moon, is a beloved character in the world of Sailor Moon. To accurately cosplay as Chibiusa, you’ll need an age-appropriate pink and white leotard paired with knee-high boots. Remember to add her signature tiara adorned with a crescent moon symbol and a long pink wig to match her iconic hairstyle. Here we have the talented cosplayer thetkennedy, who has perfectly captured Chibiusa’s bright and bubbly personality. From her mischievous sense of humor to her strong desire to protect those she loves, this amazing portrayal does justice to this beloved character. Cosplaying as Chibiusa is a great way to bring her unique charm and cuteness to life!

Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask)

Mamoru Chiba, or Tuxedo Mask, is a cherished character in the Sailor Moon universe. His charismatic personality, combined with his mysterious aura, makes him a favorite among fans. To cosplay as Mamoru, you need a black tuxedo paired with a white shirt and red bow tie. A black top hat, white gloves, and a domino mask are crucial to capturing his iconic look. Remember to carry a red rose, Tuxedo Mask’s signature accessory. The talented cosplayer @Mamoru-kun is featured here, who perfectly embodies Tuxedo Mask’s gallant and heroic demeanor. From his charismatic charm to his unwavering devotion to Sailor Moon, this incredible cosplay truly brings Mamoru Chiba to life!


Cosplaying as characters from Sailor Moon is an excellent way to pay homage to this iconic anime. It reflects true fandom and allows individuals to express their admiration for these characters in a creative and fun way. These beautifully crafted cosplays capture the essence of each character, from their physical appearance to their unique personalities. Whether you choose to cosplay as the energetic Sailor Venus, the mysterious Sailor Pluto, or the charismatic Tuxedo Mask, you are participating in a global celebration of a beloved animated series. It’s a testament to the impact Sailor Moon continues to have on its fans worldwide. So, pick your favorite character, gather your costume pieces, and step into the exciting world of Sailor Moon cosplay!