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Saul Goodman Costume Guide

Saul Goodman DIY Costume Guide

Saul Goodman is the sleazy and shady lawyer who advised Walter and Jesse in the show Breaking Bad. Although Saul’s motivations and dealings were crooked, he was still a pretty good lawyer was able to get what he and his clients wanted most of the time. With his colorful and tacky legal attire, he gains the semi-trust and, of course, legal fees, of everyone who felt like they “Better call Saul.”

Saul Goodman’s business outfit is always almost appropriate, but he always adds something loud or brash that just takes it over the edge. He wears a classic business suit in normal dark colors like grey, black, or blue, but then underneath wears a loud colorful dress shirt complete with gaudy cufflinks, a patterned tie and clashing pocket square and a blue ribbon for awareness of an airplane crash that he exploited to get money off of.

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Business Suit
  • Loud-Colored Dress Shirt
  • Patterned Tie
  • Blue Ribbon Pin
  • Cufflinks
  • Pocket Square
  • Dress Shoes

Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Saul Goodman


Saul parts his hair on the side and brushes his hair over so that it reveals most of his forehead. In some scenes he also wears a bluetooth headset, so you could add that to add to the tackiness.


Wear a normal looking business suit and then pick out a very loud colored dress shirt. Saul a lot of times wears bright macaroni yellow, pink, teal, or red shirts. Then find a tie that alllmost matches but has a crazy pattern on it and stands out from the shirt. Goodwill or other thrift stores usually have a lot of old, ugly ties for cheap.

You could also cut the tip of another clashing tie and use that as a pocket square, or if you have one you can use that. You can find some ugly cheap cufflinks online for your costume or create your own using gold buttons and safety pins and hot glue.

Saul also wears a little blue awareness ribbon, which can easily be made using ribbon and glue and pinned on with a pin. Finish off the look with some dress shoes; you’re ready for work!