San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

Best Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 SDCC

The mother of all cons – San Diego Comic-Con – is here and we are featuring the best cosplay of SDCC 2018! 

We are on the look out for the best cosplay of SDCC 2018. Do you have an awesome cosplay photo from the Comic-Con convention floor that you’d like to share? To submit your own cosplay photo, follow the instructions listed below.

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How to Submit Your SDCC 2018 Cosplay Photo

Submit your photo for consideration to be included in this contest by using one of the following methods:

  • Via Submission Form: Post your submission on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #gogocosplay and email the link to us via our contact form. (Make sure to select “Cosplay Showcase Submission” in the “Purpose” drop down field)

* Note: Submission isn’t a guarantee of inclusion in the showcase.

Vote for the Best Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Below:


#2 Killer Croc Cosplay at SD Comic-Con 2018 by @emg555

70 Points
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#3 Dancing Stormtrooper at San Diego Comic-Con by @slaytrooper

61 Points
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#4 Princess Peach Wonder Woman Cosplay by @bethcosplay

51 Points
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#5 Nightmare Before Christmas Cosplay by @capuchinocosplay

41 Points
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#6 Greta Gremlin Cosplay by @kyrstamua

27 Points
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#7 Hawkgirl Cosplay by @axcelerationdesigns. Photo: @coldbluesky

24 Points
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#10 Sentinel Cosplay by @thebrothersyeecosplay. Photo: @sunpech

20 Points
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  1. Thanks for including me! Be sure to check out my instagram @thebrothersyeecosplay for more views of the sentinel including other action figures

#12 Wasp Cosplay by @wonderwomanisreal. Photo: @coldbluesky

18 Points
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#13 Beast Killer Belle Cosplay by @cosplamy. Photo: @coldbluesky

18 Points
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#14 Cholo Thanos by @darknytestudios. PC: @therealchinaman

18 Points
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#16 Ace Ventura Cosplay at SD Comic-Con by @captaincodycosplay

15 Points
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#19 Negasonic Teenage Warhead by @nonbinate

13 Points
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#24 Psylocke Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 by @pixydi

10 Points
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#25 Aaron Paul with Breaking Bad Baby Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con

#29 Black Canary Cosplay by @luvsydneymarie. PC: @dantepadre_photo

#30 Mystique Cosplay at SDCC 2018. Photo: @sunpech

  1. without any doubt this still is the greatest version of mystique ive ever seen its brilliant what a fantastic and amazing idea of doing it love it @magnetomystique <3

#33 Sparkle Shark at SDCC 2018 by @roustan

#36 Voltron Cosplay by @destinyitalia_cosplay & @dannijay_art

#40 Black Manta Cosplay by @shawshank.props

#44 Female Two Face Cosplay by @miss_laneous. PC: @dinosaur_man2002

#45 Vader & Leia at Comic-Con. Photo: @lightjourney_photography

#50 Zatanna Cosplay by @jamielikestocosplay. PC: @adolfoperezphoto