Senku Ishigami Cosplay Costume Guide

Dr.Stone Senku Ishigami Cosplay Costume

Price: $67.99

Senku Ishigami Cosplay Costume Guide

Dr. Stone was one of the best shows of last year. It brought in something completely new. Senku Ishigami’s cosplay costume is just awesome.

Senku Ishigami costume:

Dr.STONE Senku Ishigami Laboratory Clothing Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Dr.STONE Senku Ishigami Laboratory Clothing Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character .

Dr.Stone Senku Ishigami Green Cosplay Wig

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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Senku Ishigami cosplay outfit is perfect for expos. People would love to see some of Dr.Stone. It was one of the biggest shows of last year after all.

Theme parties are a good fit as well. People would be turning up in all these characters. You should style on them with this costume. Be that cool kid who’s up to date with everything. Make the Senku Ishigami costume shine. Make it spread that light on conventions.


Here we have the Senku Ishigami cosplay suit. It features:

  • The costume that makes us remember the anime right away.
  • The belt that’s there to make sure everything is in its perfect place.
  • The bandages that are a must to get that very same look.
  • The bag that can store a lot of things for a rainy day.
8.5Expert Score

Review:This is perfect for Dr. Stone fans out there. It comes up with a lot of stuff. You’re paying for the whole package. Better grab it quick to try it out as soon as possible.



  • A lot offered.
  • Not expensive.
  • Details captured perfectly.


  • Might wear out with time.
  • The bandages might not be of the best quality.


This is what Dr. Stone fans are looking for. This right here would make the show come here. Play right here in front of our eyes. That would be just wonderful.

The Senku cosplay outfit is perfect for conventions. I’m pretty sure people want to see it. I mean the show was such a hit. How can anyone not look forward to it? With this deal, You get a lot. It makes the whole package all the better. It’s easy to use and comfortable as well. You won’t be able to find anything like this anywhere. Better get one for yourself right away. It’s a must-have for the Dr. Stone fans out there. I can see it getting sold out pretty soon. That’d be something you can’t afford. Grab it quick and make it yours today.

Senkuu Ishigami shoes:

Let me guess. You got the Senku Ishigami outfit but something’s missing. You feel like something just isn’t there. Well, you’re right cause you’re missing out on the shoes. The shoes are a must to pull off that look.

They bring out the best Dr.Stone cosplay costume offers. Look at them. They’re something else entirely. They’re perfect for any occasion out there. Plus, they’ll make you look more and more like the original character. If you want to pull off the best anime cosplay then get them.

They’re a must-have to unlock the full potential. A must-have to make the costume shine at its brightest. Only with this can the Senku Ishigami cosplay outfit be complete.

About Senkuu Ishigami:

The anime Einstein is here. Senkuu Ishigami makes everyone out there look like an idiot. The guy just has the biggest brain anime has ever seen. I mean just watch the show and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at what the kid is capable of.

That’s not all. Counting all those seconds. Keeping track of time ever since he got frozen in time. Being petrified isn’t easy at all. That’s something that we had never seen before. Wanting to be an astronaut all his life, the boy has dreams. Big ones at that as well. It’s just admirable to say the very least. His father isn’t any nobody either.

Leaving all that stuff for Senkuu. You can tell the guy loves his son. No matter how many faces we see it never changes. The one on top always has been and always will be Senkuu. That’s an undisputable fact. With the new season on its way you gotta see the first one.

A lot of us have been anxiously waiting for the new season. This one’s going to be a banger for sure. The boy makes the most out of any situation. He tries his hardest for things to turn out well and almost never fails. He’s the new chad in the anime world. That’s just how it is.

Senkuu Ishigami cosplay tips:

Make sure you mimic his voice. It’d make things all the original. Try to pull off those expressions as well. You want that original look, right? Well, it ain’t that hard to perform either.

Trust me. Walk around in the shoes to have a feel of them. We don’t want any mishappenings there. That’s for sure. Be on the lookout for other characters. It’d be a great reunion.

Be sure to take a picture. We’d want that. Don’t miss out on the wig. It’s a huge part of the character. A signature of the character to be exact.

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