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Slender Man: DIY Cosplay

Lurking in the shadows of vintage photos, deserted playgrounds and dark closets, Slender Man is a mythical figure who earned his place in pop culture from the Creepypasta fandom.

A tall figure with no face who guides children with him into the forest, this spooky digital age boogeyman has appeared in feature films, an HBO documentary and even video games!

Whether you want a bone-chilling idol to dress up as for Halloween or you want to scare the pants off people at your next cosplay convention, you can’t go wrong with a DIY Slender Man costume of your own!

Slender Man Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Slender Man

Faceless Fear Factor:

Slender Man is almost always depicted without any facial features. He has a pale bald head with no eyes, mouth or nose.

To get a similar look for your costume, you can use transparent white fabric such as pantyhose material to cover your own face, or check out Halloween shops locally and online to find a good mask. If need be, you can poke a small hole for more breathing room.

Use white grease paint or Halloween face makeup to further hide your face and to make your hands and neck blend in with the rest of the mask.


Slender Man wears a slick black business suit in a classic style, making him look like a dapper gentleman from a distance. This consists of a completely black blazer and matching pants, a white dress shirt and a plain black necktie.


One of Slender Man’s most striking and eerie features is the set of long snake-like black tentacles coming out from his back like arms.

You can search costume shops and Halloween stores for fake rubber tentacle appendages, or you can use black fabric strips or black foam pool noodles to create a set of tentacles of your very own.

Don’t forget Slender Man’s plain black shoes, which you can pick up at any shoe shop or costume shop. Wear plain black socks under them so your ankles will be covered.


For a more authentic Slender Man look, you’ll want to appear as tall as possible.

In the stories he’s featured in, he towers over regular humans. If you want an extra challenge for this costume, see if you can find a pair of stilts to wear under your pants, and practice walking in them so you can look as tall as Slender Man himself!

You can also use black platform shoes with high heels to create the appearance of being taller instead.

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