Spider-Gwen Costume Guide

Spider-Gwen Costume Guide

Swing in to your next convention or Halloween party like the Spider-Verse Gwen Stacy with your very own Spider-Gwen costume. In this cosplay guide, we will teach you how to dress like the alternate reality Spidey girl.

“Alright, people. Let’s start at the beginning one last time. My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for the last two years, I’ve been the one and only Spider-Woman. You guys know the rest. I joined a band. Saved my dad. I couldn’t save my best friend, Peter Parker, so now I save everyone else. And I don’t do friends anymore, just to avoid any distractions. “

Spider-Gwen, Into the Spider-Verse

Then she was sucked into an alternate universe where the perfect, blonde Peter Parker has just died, and Miles Morales needs help becoming the next Spiderman. Spider- Gwen has a cool spidey- suit that we can’t just gloss over. She wears a different spidey- mask than the other spider- people, a Spider- hoodie, black ballerina tights, and light blue ballet shoes.

She can swing and flip with the grace of a trained dancer. She is strong, disciplined, and above all, no matter how many times she gets hit, she can get back up.

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Mask
  • Hoodie
  • White Opera Gloves
  • Black Ballerina Tights
  • Light Blue Ballet Shoes

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Spider-Gwen wears a white mask with pink eye-outlines. You can get this online, at a costume store, or make your own.

To make one, you’ll need a white lycra mask, pencil, construction paper, scissors, and an electric pink marker. 


  • Put on the white lycra mask where it’s comfortable, then place a piece of construction paper on top of one eye. 
  • Draw on the construction paper around your eye area to create almond shaped eyes with a pencil. Trace from your nose- bridge next to your inner eye corner, across your brow- bone and to your temples, then put the marker back on the inner corner of your eyes – spot that we made before, and trace below your under-eye area curving to meet at your temples with the previous line.
  • Take the construction paper off your face, cut the shape out with some scissors.
  • Lay it on one eye and then the other, flipped laterally, on top of your mask to see if you like the shape.
  • If so, lay down the shape on one of your eyes, and use an electric pink marker to trace it. Don’t worry if the marker bleeds or spreads as this is part of the effect. Then flip over the shape laterally and do the other eye the same way. 

There! You have a Spider-Gwen mask. But remember, even when you’re not wearing a mask, you’re still a super hero. You’re still on the outside. You don’t get to be normal. All you get to be is special. Forever.


Gwen’s spidey-suit is very unique. The main part of the suit that makes it “Spider- Gwen” is the spider- hoodie. Gwen has always had a distinct sense of style. Her colors are different from the other spider- people. Most do a red and blue or a red and black motif, but Gwen goes for white, electric pink, and bright light blue. 

Special Element #1: the outside of the hood is white, but the inside of the hood is a bright light blue web on an electric pink background. The hood is wide to show the pattern on either side of her mask.

Special Element #2: The arms are white except for a diamond shape whose top tip is at the arm- pit, both side tips meet at outside of the elbow, and the bottom tip goes down to about a 3/4 length on the arm. This diamond is a bright light blue web on an electric pink background. It gives the illusion on the costume of mini- wings made out of web.

Special Element #3: the body of the hoodie is white at the top and black at the bottom with a zig- zap line across the upper chest separating the two colors. On the front and the back, the zig- zag starts just below the under- arm on a low pint and reaches the high point (up to her clavicle) twice across the chest and twice across the back reaching the same height. The downward point of the zig-zag in the middle of the chest reaches to the middle of her sternum, and the back matches the height.

Special Element #4: the back has two white lightning bolts coming from each shoulder that almost meet in the center at the very top of her lower back.

The best way to replicate this look is to buy this hoodie online or at a costume shop.


Spider- Gwen wears white long opera gloves. The best way to replicate this is by buying white lycra opera gloves that reach the elbow online or in a costume shop. If anyone asks you where you got it, you can just say, “Oh, just fighting in a war for the fate of all reality. Y’know, like you do.”


Because of her ballet background Spider- Gwen wears black ballerina tights. The difference between ballerina tights and regular tights are that they are made of thicker fabric (and therefore are not see-through) and they go all the way down to mid- foot leaving the toes and the front of the foot exposed. These tights shape to the foot, ankle, and legs to allow agile movement.

You can find these online, at a costume shop, or at any ballet- specific retailers.

As Spider-Woman, you’ve traveled the Multiverse. You’ve stared down psychic vampires and psycho cops. Kicked in all the scary yellow teeth. And no, being caught or killed or found never truly scared you. That’s not why you wear gloves. No, what scares you is losing what you have in your hands now… what scares you is losing the people you love.

Ballet Shoes:

Spider- Gwen wears light blue ballet shoes, but is also seen in several comics sporting light blue ballet flats. My suggestion is that you find light blue ballet flats online or at any major retailer. They will be more comfortable to walk around in and still give the right look. God. This is too on-the-nose to be wrong.

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