Sub Zero Costume For Adults And Kids

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Sub Zero Costume For Adults And Kids

Mortal Kombat is one of the longest running franchises. It was a rather different fighting game. Sub Zero has been one of the main characters. The Sub Zero costume is literally ‘the coolest’.

Sub Zero costume:

Sweeney Todd Deluxe Adult Costume

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The Sub Zero costume is one of a kind. It’s perfect for all the fighting game fans out there. It is straight out of the video game. Any fan of this game would love it.

It’s perfect for E3. I mean NetherRealm has something new every year. You’ll be meeting lots of Mortal Kombat fans there. Also it’s perfect for the gaming conventions we have. This cosplay suit would attract a lot of attention.


Here we have the exact Mortal Kombat Sub Zero costume. It features:

  • The same blue and black color that makes up the character at this point.
  • The gauntlets that make you armed and ready to face anything coming your way.
  • The belt that makes it all the more original.
  • The mask that makes it look like you’ve come straight out of the video game.
8.5Expert Score

Review:This Sub Zero outfit is perfect for Mortal Kombat lovers. You have all you could ask for right here. The exact look from the video game. Just don’t pull off some fatalities since it wouldn’t look good then. It’s great quality for the price as well.



  • Great gauntlets.
  • Gets the original look.


  • No pants.


If you’re someone who’s loves Mortal Kombat then this is for you. This is something that you’ve been wanting your entire life. The Mortal Kombat costume is perfect for conventions and expos.

I’m pretty sure the cosplay party would love it as well. That because the game gravitates towards the brutal side. Well most of the people who’ve played it know about this. But still it’s perfect for almost any occasion.

Sub Zero fans are just all over the internet. I mean he’s one of the characters who were in every game. Plus the whole story revolves around him a lot. So it’s only natural that he has so many fans. The Mortal Kombat outfit right here is a great deal. Sure it has it’s downsides but you can overlook them. Other than that it has much to offer. Don’t miss out on it.

Kids Sub Zero costume:

This one for the kids. Mortal Kombat is not a kid’s game. That’s for sure. But I’ve seen a lot of kids play this game so it’s okay. This would make people see a different side of the character. A different side to the Kids Mortal Kombat costume. It’s perfect for cosplay. It’ll show a cute version of the deadly Sub Zero we know. I mean change is good at times no?

About Sub Zero:

Being in almost every Mortal Kombat game ever. Sub Zero is one of the most memorable characters. He’s a fan favorite since the beginning. Plus he’s got a lot up his sleeve. Those ‘cold’ moves sure make you freeze inside out. Playing a huge part in the Mortal Kombat universe, everyone knows about him. Heck his fatality is one of the best in the game. A lot of us grew up playing just him and Scorpion. Later on the lore became clearer and clearer.

We know more and more about him as the games come out. Well that’s better since we’d love to know the whole story. One of everyone’s go to characters, He is easy to play. Almost anyone can play him without much effort. He’s a fan favorite and would continue to be for the years to come.

Sub Zero cosplay:

Make sure you try out the mask. Also make necessary adjustments. Plus make sure the gauntlets are in their perfect place. This would make you look more like the original. Memorize some signature quotes of the character.

Try emulating the voice as well. All that would make the Sub Zero cosplay costume much better. Also try to find Scorpion wherever you are. A picture would make the day all the memorable. Look at the belt a couple of times to make sure it’s in the perfect place. Keep all this in mind and you’re sure to pull off the best. The very best Mortal Kombat cosplay outfit to date.

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