Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia New Edition Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Costume

Price: $89.99

Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Costume Guide

My Hero Academia is something else. Ever since its debut it’s been popping off. It features one of the best characters. Tomura Shigaraki cosplay costume is a favorite.

My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki 14 Hands Cosplay Weapon Prop

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Tomura Shigaraki Grey blue Cosplay Wig

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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Tomura Shigaraki costume:

Ever since he appeared on the screen, he was unique. People wanted to know all about him. There isn’t much to the Tomura Shigaraki outfit. But it still manages to get a lot of attention.

It’s perfect for any convention out there. People won’t be dressing up as villains after all. It’s a perfect chance to stand out in my opinion. But anime expos aren’t a bad choice for it either. It’ll shine either way.


Here we have here the exact Tomura Shigaraki suit. It features:

  • The same Season 4 look that’s fresh out of the show.
  • The black top that’s a signature of the character at this point.
  • The coat serves as a great addition.
  • The belt that’s there to seal the deal.
8.5Expert Score

Review:You’re getting a lot for what you’re paying for. Plus, everything stays true to the anime. This makes things all the better. It’s definitely a deal you should go for.

  • A lot of stuff.
  • The exact look captured.
  • Good quality.
  • Low on the price for all you’re getting.
  • Color might fade with time.
  • No Shigaraki cosplay hands


If you’re a fan of the villains then you’ve come to the right place. The My Hero Academia Shigaraki cosplay costume brings out the best. Brings out the finest the show has to offer. It’s got everything in one place. It makes the deal all the sweeter.

If you have a convention or an expo then don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. The Shigaraki outfit is perfect. People would love to see My Hero Academia. After all it’s all over the place every year. Whenever a new season comes out. Shigaraki has always been a fan favorite. With this deal you get everything to the Shigaraki cosplay attire. And it’s low on the price for what you’re getting as well. Sounds a perfect deal to me. Better grab it quick.

Tomura Shigaraki hand:

The hand’s a must. I mean the character’s incomplete without it right? The hand is really good quality and brings in the exact look. The very same look that the character had. Get ready to do all those poses with it. It works perfectly with the Shigaraki Tomura cosplay costume. It’s incomplete without it.

Shigaraki shoes:

One thing that stands out when it comes to him are the shoes. I mean look at them. Aren’t they clean and crisp? If you want to seal the deal then get them. They make the My Hero Academia costume complete after all. Also, they bring in the exact look from the show. This makes things all the similar.

About Tomura Shigaraki:

A name unknown to none, Shigaraki Tomura is famous. People know about him. Ever since his debut he’s been on the cool side. I mean that’s understandable. Just look at the character design. It’s sick to say the very least. But the character has his own back story that’s tragic. He’s the one pulling the strings with all these ‘noumus’ backing him up. Also, his squad features all kinds of villains you could ask for.

Things couldn’t have been better. Bearing a connection to All Might as well. You sure know the story’s going to get all the more interesting and exciting soon. Can’t wait for the next season to come out.

Tomura Shigaraki cosplay:

Make sure you’ve tried out the hand. The hand part is really tricky. You might mess up but it’s okay. Look up stuff on youtube. Also try to walk around in the shoes. This would make you familiar with them.

Try to learn some signature lines. Also try to emulate his voice even though it’s hard. But that way you’ll pull off the look completely. Be on the lookout for Deku. You could redo that scene at the mall. That would be great in my opinion.

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