Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costumes Review

One Piece Trafalgar Law Trafalgar D Water Law Tattoo stickers Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costumes Review

Trafalgar D Water Law. A name that One Piece fans just can’t get enough of. Ever since he was introduced back in Archipelago, we knew he was one to look out for. This makes Trafalgar Law cosplay costume one to look out for.

Trafalgar Law Costume:

One Piece Trafalgar Law Trafalgar D Water Law Tattoo stickers Cosplay Accessory Prop

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

One Piece Trafalgar Law Trafalgar D Water Law Black Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

One Piece Trafalgar Law Trafalgar D Water Law Cosplay Costume C Edition

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This brings back a lot of memories. It was a big turning point in One Piece. The Supernovas were something else. All of them. But there was something about Trafalgar D Law. Something to him made us realize just how formidable he can be. This makes the Trafalgar Law costume something else.

It’s a perfect fit for all the expos and conventions. Any kind of them. Even themed parties can have some of it.


We have the exact Trafalgar D Water Law costume attire right here. This version of it brings back the nostalgia. It comes along with:

  • The same symbol of the heart pirates along with the yellow and black color. The same that was way cooler than the rest. We saw a lot of flags out there on the ships. Ever since the beginning of One Piece, we’ve been looking at them. Nothing was like this one. It brought out the character in it’s truest sense.
  • The hat that was a signature when it came to the character. It makes the Trafalgar Law cosplay costume complete.


  • The cosplay costume copied perfectly From One Piece anime series.
  • It comes with the hat which makes it a good deal.
  • The colors and everything makes it look really close to the anime version.


  • The color might fade after repeated washing.
  • The stuff that the hat is made of is questionable.


One Piece fans are all over the place. The show has a lot of characters to choose from. Ever since the beginning it’s been giving us a hard time. A hard time when it comes to the choice and all. But some make an impact the moment they come on the stage. Law Surgeon of Death�?is truly one of them.

The conventions and expos can benefit a lot from it. The Trafalgar Law cosplay outfit would bring One Piece all the way here. It would make a lot of fans come up to you. Get ready for a lot of pictures being taken with you in the frame.

Trafalgar D Water Law Costume 2:

Let’s go in the future now shall we? We have a transformed look. This version of the One Piece Law cosplay suit we came across there at Punk Hazard. It was a spectacle since it was a fresh version of someone we knew. It brought the best out of the character.

It’s perfect for the conventions to come. Why? Cause it keeps up with the times and makes you not look a boomer.


The Punk Hazard Trafalgar D Law cosplay costume was something else. It brought a new look at the character. Here we have exactly that. The Trafalgar Law outfit right here features:

  • The black long coat that makes the character look mysterious. Not much was known of the character back then. It was only revealed in the Dresrossa arc. So it brings the mystery element to the table.
  • The symbol at the bottom that puts it out there. Puts out the fact that his crew is one you shouldn’t be messing with no matter what.


  • The new look is copied really well.
  • The symbol with the colors looks just like the anime version.
  • It looks like it’ll fit quite well without looking out of place.


  • The symbol might not stand a lot of washing.
  • The black color looks a bit faded compared to the anime version.


If you’re a heart pirates fan, this is for you. This is something that would put you out there as a true fan. The Trafalgar D Water Law cosplay attire is your best choice.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, it’s got you covered. It goes well with everything. It’d make you look unique and modern with you pulling off the time skip look. You can also look out for other heart pirate members to walk like a crew. Way to intimidate people, super mafia.

Trafalgar Law Story:

Suffering from an incurable disease that’d consume him soon, Law is someone you can’t help but feel for. Doffy’s brother feels the exact same way. He tries his hardest and catches wind of this devil fruit. He is not used to anyone showing him any sympathy. So he grows fond of Corazon. They go together and he gives him the fruit. He eats it but Doffy arrives there standing in front of him with a lot of questions. He makes sure Law ends up safe and gives his life. All for the boy he cared for. Getting back at Doffy is all he cares about now.

Trafalgar Law Cosplay Tips:

Make sure that the hat is in its perfect place. It’ll make you pull off the cool look of the Trafalgar Law cosplay outfit. Also, try to do some chores in the long coat version of the One Piece cosplay costume. It’ll make you better accustomed to it. You should also look up some signature poses. The pictures would be a bang with them. Also, be on the lookout for Luffy. I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you there.

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