Trixie Tang Costume Guide

trixie tang costumes

Trixie Tang Costumes

Trixie Tang is the most beautiful and most popular girl at Dimsdale Elementary School. In the show Fairly Odd Parents, she is best friends with Timmy Turner’s babysitter and she also happens to be the love of his life, or so Timmy wishes. Constantly seeking attention and praise, Trixie keeps a neat and tidy, fashionable appearance.

As a typical cartoon character, Trixie wears the same outfit everyday. It is a simple color palette of pinkish-purple and white. She has long, straight black hair and wears makeup that matches her outfit even though she’s in elementary school.

Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Black Wig
  • Pinkish-Purple Headband
  • Pinkish-Purple Short-sleeved Cowl Neck Sweater
  • White Mini Skirt
  • White Boots

Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Trixie Tang from Fairly Odd Parents


Trixie has long black hair and wears it down. If you don’t have long or black hair, a long black wig would work perfectly. Trixie accents her hairstyle with a pinkish-purple headband. This could be made by tying scarf from a thrift store around your head. You could also buy fabric to make your own or check a department store or Claire’s to see if they carry a headband in this color and style.


Trixie has a very specific uniform. Her pinkish-purple cowl-neck sweater could be found at a thrift store. You can cut the sleeves if it is long-sleeved or if you have trouble finding this style, you could wear a pinkish-purple circle/infinity scarf to give the a pinkish-purple shirt the feel of being a cowl/turtleneck.


Look for a simple, white mini skirt. This can be found at a thrift store or online.


Trixie wears long boots that look a bit like white Go-Go boots. These are sold at costume stores or you can spray paint a pair that you find that fit.

Costume Ideas

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