Trunks Cosplay Costume Guide

Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks Cosplay Costume

Trunks Cosplay Costume Guide

Time travel wasn’t really a thing before this character made his debut. Well if you’re not taking into consideration Doraemon, he is the first one. He’s the one who ‘shattered time’ and got away with it. Here will show you the best Trunks cosplay costume guide.

Trunks Costume:

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Trunks had a presence the moment he came to the screen. Despite that hair that made us doubt him in the beginning, He turned out to be really strong.

The Dbz cosplay costume is surely something that would bring all that power. Whether it’s a convention or an expo, The Future Trunks cosplay outfit goes well with everything.

Get ready to make some cuts that are sure to impress even Gordon Ramsey.


Here we have the Trunks costume from his debut in Dragon Ball z. The classic Capsule corporation Trunks cosplay outfit that made him stand out.

The moment he arrived, He sliced through those Frieza soldiers. He kind of made the knife go through butter at that point.

So he was good with the sword in addition to the style he brought to the table. Hot from the future. The Trunks Dbz cosplay costume has a lot to it such as:

  • The black shirt underneath. The shirt sure serves the purpose of concealing his muscular body. Otherwise the ladies would be all over him. He can’t save the world like that now can he?
  • The purple jacket that’s a signature at this point. It gave us the hint right away that he’s related to Bulma somehow. Though no one expected him to be her son. The jacket brings in the style when it comes to the Trunks cosplay suit.
  • The belt that’s one of a kind. The belt surely demarcates the top from the bottom. In addition, it’s not a random belt but one that adds to the whole style. This makes the Dbz cosplay costume stand out.
  • The pants with the whole rippled look. This brings in the true image of the character. It pops right in our heads when we see that. Nostalgia at it’s best.


  • The exact cosplay costume from the Dragon Ball z anime series.
  • The details are captured really well making it one of a kind.
  • The accessories are all here.
  • It captures the anime look while being real at the same time.


  • The jacket might be too short for some people.
  • The pants might be too loose.
  • The belt might break after repeated use.


If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan who was super hyped when Trunks made his debut, this is it. This is what your younger self wanted and now it’s time. It’s time to make that wish come true. Everyone loved Trunks the moment he was introduced.

He was a character who brought in the style when it came to Dragon Ball. We had characters going around in traditional martial art uniforms. But Trunks made them all look bland with his crisp fashion. This makes the cosplay costume one to look out for.

Whether it’s a convention or an expo, this is a good choice. Everyone loves Trunks and would love to see him come to life. It can also be worn to these Dragon Ball booths at E3. Even Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments can benefit from it. You might become their mascot if you truly put your heart in it.

Moreover, it’s stylish which makes it a good choice indeed. It’ll surely ring the bells of nostalgia no matter where you go. It will bring in that feeling that everyone experienced that one time. But have long forgotten about it.

Trunks Sword:

Get ready to slice and dice with this Trunks sword. It’s seen a lot of blood but it’s okay. It’s not human blood at all. So we’re safe. The sword would surely make you cut through almost everything with style as well.

We all remember how Trunks shone. How he literally cut through everything the moment he appeared on the screen. This sword is an absolute gift for all those fans. It’ll surely make you an expert in no time.

The Boots:

In order to get it down in the most perfect way possible, we need the boots. They will make the Trunks cosplay costume complete. Shoes make a huge part of any outfit. This holds true for the cosplay outfit as well. The boots are stylish as well.This will make them not look too awkward. Moreover, they add to the charm of the whole suit. They will make the Trunks cosplay costume shine even brighter than before.

Trunks Cosplay Tips:

Make sure to try out the Trunks cosplay costume prior to the occasion. This will make you more comfortable with the cosplay outfit. Moreover, try some signature sword moves with the sword. This will bring in the true character.

Make sure to walk around in the boots as well. This will make you have a good feel of them. Try to mimic his personality as well. This will bring things a step closer to perfection.