Violet Evergarden Cosplay Girls Costume Guide

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Strap Cosplay Costume

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Violet Evergarden Cosplay Girls Costume Guide

Violet Evergarden was something really out of this world. It was something completely new and something that people wanted to be animated. People wanted to look at for a long time but had their wishes granted in the end. All is well that ends well for sure. That show reminded us once again how beautiful anime can be at times. It’s like cocaine to the eyes and not many anime deliver the same feeling when it comes to that. I’m here to help you with all you need to pull off the best Violet Evergarden cosplay costume guide.

Violet Evergarden Cosplay Dress:

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Strap Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Cosplay Costume

For products that only have character images, the actual color and design will be subject to the character.

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Blue Cosplay Costume

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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Firstly, Violet Evergarden had everything done perfectly. The characters, the concept, the art you name it. It was something that was worked really hard on and something that delivered it everything. Everything in the same way it was thought of. This makes the Violet Evergarden cosplay costume a perfect choice when it comes to character cosplays. Whether it’s a convention or an expo, you can’t miss out on it since it’s one of the hot picks right now.

Here we have the same Violet Evergarden costume from the anime named series. The anime that’s one of the most beautiful shows ever created. The anime that delivered a concept, an idea that was unique in its entirety. Delivered feelings and emotions that transcended words and letters themselves.
The Violet Evergarden cosplay dress is so well thought and designed that it’s something new. Something completely out of this world. Something that fits the word ‘beauty’ more than anything else. The colors blend in perfectly making us see the beautiful sights from the Violet anime right here in the real world. Everything to even the slightest of details is done really well and it brings out the character to life right in front of our eyes.


  • The same Violet Evergarden cosplay outfit from the anime that we loved to watch.
  • Amazing dress cosplay girls. The details are captured to the very core.
  • The colors and the quality of the cosplay costume look top-notch.


  • The Violet cosplay outfit looks a bit uncomfortable to walk around in.
  • It might be a bit baggy for some people.


If you’re a Violet Evergarden girl fan who was absolutely bewitched by the anime back in 2018, this is for you. This is exactly that same delightful experience we had back then right in front of us once again. I still remember how it was so highly praised back then and had the whole internet by the storm considering how it was.

The show delivered a unique blend of genres and in a way that was never done before.
It was something completely new and something that we’ve been wanting for a long time but never got.

Violet cosplay costume makes for a good pick when it comes to characters to cosplay as. It’s sure to draw in a lot of attention considering how many fans of the show are there. The convention or expo would become as beautiful as the show itself the moment you enter the building. It’s sure to give everyone including you a memorable unforgettable experience.

Violet Evergarden Boots:

The show had all kinds of outfits and accessories that were so exquisite and pompous at times that people were ready to snatch them right away. Everyone had their eyes on costumes not even sparing the side characters when it came to that. Still, in order to take your own Violet cosplay costume to the next level, you need to load your magazine to the fullest.

The Boots are a must when doing that you feel me? Boots make a huge part of your outfit no matter what you’re wearing. Shoes can make you go from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat. That’s why people are so picky when it comes to boots since they make a huge impact. These boots are sure to make you look exactly like Violet the moment you start walking around in them. It’s sure to make the show come right here in the real world.

Violet Gloves:

You remember how Violet was mechanically typing in the anime while mechanically thinking to put the thoughts into practice with those mechanical hands. That’s a lot of machinery I tell you. But still, this was something that stood out the most for me.

It was something that was completely new and I love new ideas more than anything else. We’re looking for perfection and are aiming for the best cosplay out there. That takes effort but we’re ready to put in the work. The hands are like the bread and butter of the Violet Evergarden cosplay Dress and are something that you can’t miss out on. It’s something that’s characteristic of the Violet cosplay outfit and something that brings out the fantasy of the anime in the real world.

Violet Evergarden Makeup:

You’ve pulled off the best Violet cosplay outfit and something still feels off. It’s like something’s still missing and you’re still feeling lost when it comes to the last piece of the puzzle. You are right and let me help you with that. The makeup. We can’t miss out on that if we’re cosplaying in a Violet cosplay costume since she’s a character that’s known for her beauty as well.

This Youtube Makeup tutorial is sure to get you all equipped with everything you need in order to pull off the best Violet cosplay ever. This video is self-explanatory and lets you know and remember everything right away. Easy peasy lemon squeezy lol.

Violet Personality:

Violet grew up as an orphan in the army who was treated nowhere close to a human being. It’s safe to say that she was thought of as an object, a machine the only purpose which had was to receive and execute orders. As a result, she did not understand human feelings well. Violet didn’t understand them at all which had her being perceived by others as ’emotionless’. She did not possess any sense of right or wrong from the start. Snd she didn’t understand what could be considered righteous or erroneous.

She merely chased after the adults who gave her orders. And she followed the idea of “kill or be killed,” thus she could kill countless people without feeling guilt or remorse. She was like a killing machine that had no other purpose in life. Even after the war ended Violet still had traits in her personality that were leftovers from the whole military thing.

Even at the job being an Auto Memories Doll, she gives it her all and is trying her best to be of use. Trying her best to understand the customers and to bring out exactly what they’re trying to say.

Violet Evergarden Cosplay Advice And Tips:

Firstly, Violet Evergarden Dress is one of the best cosplay Girls Ideas, Be sure to try the Violet Evergarden costume before the day so that you get a feel of the violet Dress. Walk around in it and do some chores so you know your way around in the outfit. Moreover, be sure to follow the makeup tutorial and get all there is to the Violet Evergarden cosplay outfit. It’ll surely make you pull off the best Violet Evergarden cosplay costume to date and would bring Violet Evergarden the anime right here in front of our very eyes.

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