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War Boy Costume Guide

War Boys DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Nux and the War Boys [Photo: billybookcase]

In Mad Max: Fury Road, the War Boys are the minions of Immortal Joe who are chosen from a very young age as guards in the Cult of V8. They have blind, unwavering faith in their leader. Taken to the mysterious “Citadel”, War Boys begin their childhood as mechanics called “War Pups”, fixing and repairing anything that requires it. In time, War Boys usually end up afflicted with cancer and require blood transfusions to survive. Their appearance is heavily based on the look of Japanese kamikaze pilots from WWII.

In Fury Road, Nux is one of the most prominent War Boys in the story. Nux, looks like the other War Boys, is solely concerned with impressing Immortan Joe so that he can spend the afterlife in Valhalla.

Read our guide below to make your very own DIY War Boys costume for cosplay or for Halloween.

War Boys & Nux Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like a War Boy Like Nux from Mad Max Fury Road

White Powder:

War Boys cover their arms, heads and bodies completely in white powder, mostly in an attempt to mimic the preferred style of their leader. Of course, going out for Halloween or to a con wearing nothing but white powder might be asking for trouble, but a white long-sleeved shirt and white leggings or jogging pants can work just as well, followed by a generous dusting of white makeup powder on your hands and face. This is also a better solution if the weather is going to be cold. 

Gray Clay Pigment:

The War Boys wear a heavy amount of gray clay around their eyes, mouths and foreheads to get a skeletal look. You can use a washable black marker, gray Halloween face paint or even smoky gray eye shadow to get this look right down to something off the Mad Max film itself. Use water or a makeup sponge to blend it around your eyes, that way you won’t get loose particles falling on your face or hands while cosplaying.

War Boy / Nux Makeup Tutorial

Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to replicate the War Boy look:


Nux and other War Boys carry around a can of chrome which they spray and inhale in order to make themselves “shiny and chrome” for the afterlife. To really pull off the War Boy look you will need to carry around your own can of chrome, but make sure to only use an edible silver/chrome spray like the one mentioned above!


Many of the War Boys use aviator-style goggles to protect themselves from the sand and harsh elements of the desert as they drive through the wastelands. You can pick up a similar style of goggles from a store or try to craft one yourself.


Unfortunately for the War Boys, they are conscious enough to understand that they won’t live a long life at all. They essentially breathe life into cars by fixing them up, so in an attempt to prolong their own lives in their spare time they will weld and attach gears and springs and other mechanical parts to their bodies.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go this far to get the perfect War Boy cosplay costume. Just use washable markers and draw gears and cogs to your arms and face, or as an extra fun do-it-yourself project, pick up some gears and metal scraps from your local hardware store and attach them to bracelets and necklaces so you can get the look of a true War Boy. You can even recycle old parts for this, but be careful not to cut yourself.

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